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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

ARCHCon Cebu 2023

Picture this: a weekend of pure awesomeness at ARCHcon Cebu 2023, right in the IC3 Convention Hall on the weekend of November 18 and 19, 2023. 

It was more than just a celebration of anime, gaming, and pop culture; it was a "Convention with a Cause" creating an immersive experience that transcended boundaries and fostered a sense of community.

The IC3 Convention Hall served as the perfect playground for the multifaceted event. Its spacious design, encompassing both the ground and second floors, has lots of space for everyone to explore. The well-planned setup made it easy for everyone to move around without any problems. Plus, the nice air conditioning made the whole place comfy and pleasant for everyone during the weekend.

ARCHcon Cebu 2023 had something for everyone. They had meet-and-greet sessions with cool guests like Vanille Velasquez, Charess, Pastel Mix, and MNL48 from the Philippines, along with international guests like Reika, Kat Gray, and Bao the Whale. The performances from J-pop groups like Chicken Blow the Idol and others added to the excitement, showing how this event was all about bringing cultures together through shared passions.

What made ARCHcon Cebu 2023 even more awesome was its commitment to a cause. The Game Development Area showcased local talents, and the Artists Alley and Crafters Corner let creative folks display their talents. The Merch and Food Market, including themed cafes, offered tasty treats and exclusive goodies.

Competitions like the International Cosplay Competition and various hobby contests brought out the best in attendees. The dedicated photo area became a place to capture the vibrant spirit of the event, filled with cosplayers and photographers sharing their love for what they do.

For gaming enthusiasts, the Esports Game Zone and Tabletop Zone provided immersive experiences, and the Community Cavern hosted mini-events, fostering connections among niche hobby communities.

The numbers spoke volumes about the event's magnitude, with 60 artists, 17 cosplay caverns, 4 tavern spaces for niche hobby communities, 22 merchant market vendors, 8 game developer booths, 10 exhibitor booths, and 6 sponsor booths contributing to the rich tapestry of ARCHcon Cebu 2023.

As the event wrapped up, ARCHcon Cebu 2023 made a lasting impression. It brought different groups of people together, encouraged creativity, and became a special moment on the calendar for fans of pop culture.

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