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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Archcon 2023 Press Conference

    With days away from the event, Archcon Cebu hosted its grand press conference on November 13, 2023, at The Company in Mandaue City with the promise of a bigger and better event. The organizers unveiled exciting details, engaged in discussions, and addressed concerns from both the media and eager attendees.

 The press conference covered a range of topics; here are the key highlights: 

    •One of the major highlights discussed during the press conference was the meticulous planning of the convention's floor plan. Responding to feedback from previous events, Archcon Cebu dedicated specific spaces to each community and organization, ensuring they have the freedom to express themselves. Additionally, artists and merchandise sellers were given ample space to showcase their products without hindering the flow of foot traffic for photo opportunities as such, the organizers had created an alley-esque area for the artists and sellers that was "Instagrammable" worthy. 

    •Weeks before the event day, Archcon Cebu announced a unique collaboration with Capriccioso Games studio, introducing a gacha-style system. Attendees can immerse themselves in an interactive game as they explore the convention. This gaming experience offers the chance to win exciting prizes provided by Archcon Cebu, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the event.

    •Archcon Cebu organizers also provided a sneak peek into the jam-packed program scheduled for both days of the convention. Alongside this, they introduced a stellar lineup of special guests, featuring both local and international talents. Notable mentions include Reika, Kat Grey, Charess, Vanille, Bao, Chicken Blow the Idol, Himegoto Zettaichi, Bugvel, West End, Gumi, Soda Kit, Pastel Mix and many others! 

    During the Q&A session, both online and in-person participants raised critical questions, reflecting the concerns of the Cebu Hobby community. The organizers addressed key issues, such as:

•on-the-day registrations

•Provide possible transportation for congoers 

•The Archcon survival kit, which gives congoers the details for the event

• Accommodations for cosplayers regarding baggage and independent setups

•And the most brought up topic: precautions taken for potential weather disruptions, given the looming low-pressure area or storm on the event day.

    The press conference concluded on a high note with a thrilling raffle draw. Lucky winners walked away with special giveaways, while all media partners received Archcon press kits. As a gesture of appreciation, goodies were distributed to all media partners present, adding a touch of excitement and gratitude to the event.

For those who missed the live excitement, the press conference live stream is available on the official Archcon Facebook page at and the Q and A portion here

Stay tuned for more updates as Archcon 2023 promises to be an unforgettable celebration of arts, roleplay, cosplay, and hobbies. See you there!

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