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Monday, August 14, 2017

Polyprism Game Station

An Avid Gamers Journey

The nostalgia is real when you hang out at Polyprism Game Station. Not just because the owner, Roniel Flores, is into retro games, but the feel and atmosphere of the 90s gaming stations which were numerous and prevalent throughout out Cebu back then. Hanging out at his shop definitely brought back a lot of memories of the camaraderie that brews in such places and for kids who seek an escape and/or have fun.

In this video, AJ listens to Roniel as he recaps his journey as an avid gamer towards starting a business that revolves around his passion for gaming.


  1. Wide range ang service aning roniel. Last time nag pa ayo kog digitizer sa akong LG G2. ^_^

    1. Mouse bai? haha payter, mau bitaw joke nako ani niya, kuwang na lng mudawat ug labada haha

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