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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Smart Just Offered FREE Instagram For All Subscribers. Here’s Why It’s Ground-breaking!

Last March, Smart partnered with to bring essential internet services to more Filipinos for free. Today, the leading telecommunications service provider in the Philippines announced yet another good news that will surely make our lives better and “prettier” as Smart is giving all of its subscribers (both prepaid and postpaid) nationwide FREE Instagram access along with the company’s top prepaid and postpaid promo offers starting today, July 8th 2015.

This gives subscribers a chance to actively update their Instagram feeds and stay connected with their favorite users. But aside from these, there are more reasons why this initiative is beneficial for us. Here are more reasons to love #SmartFreeIG plus tips on how to effectively use Instagram and live the “smart life”.

Let your love ones know what you are up to as it happens

For those with family and friends who are now living or working abroad, pictures and videos help you stay connected with them by sharing the important memories of your life as they happen and with Instagram’s seamless Facebook and Twitter integration, you are assured that you are reaching your contacts no matter which social media account they use.

Don’t have an account yet? Create one now, huddle with your family and friends, then start sharing memories with each other. You may also want to connect with me on IG as I share my latest food finds, technology tips, and some random musings.

Share your everyday story through hashtags

Do you love to travel, cook, create art, post OOTDs, or spend time with your pet (or your favorite humans)? Use personalized hashtags in your Instagrams posts to organize similar posts and share your everyday story. For days when you are feeling nostalgic, you can easily navigate through your older posts by simply searching for your personalized hashtag or tapping the hashtag from one of your recent uploads. Compiling photos from multiple users are also made easier through hashtags.

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to read more books. I’m using the hashtag #EveryDayWithBooks to curate my reviews, reflection, favorite quotes, and interesting finds on all things literature via IG. If you also love visiting places and going on adventures with books, feel free to use my hashtag too and let’s check out each other’s book recommendations!


Shopping on Instagram

Shopping on Instagram has become a trend and it looks like it is here to stay as more and more small IG shops open. With Smart’s free Instagram access, small shop owners can still keep up with those uploads and inquiries even when on the go! In the same way, users can also browse for their next OOTD anytime, anywhere.

For more information on Smart’s free Instagram offer, please visit

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