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Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunday Lunch at Joed’s Lutong Hapon (Amazingly Budget Friendly Japanese Food!)

Being in a relationship can be synonymous with eating out a lot, would you agree?

My boyfriend and I used to eat out almost everyday and I believe that has contributed much to our current physical state. XD

Anyway, I promised myself not to post about all the places we go to unless the place is really worth sharing. Yesterday we went to Redemptorist Church to attend mass and after that he invited me to have lunch at JOED’S LUTONG HAPON (Joed’s Japanese Cooking). I asked him before if he knew of the place for I heard very good reviews about their food and I seem to always be craving for sushi.

He is a Chinese food lover. He always claim that Chinese food is the best, so it was very sweet of him to take the initiative and bring me to Joed’s.

When we speak of Japanese food and sushi, the first things that will come to our minds would probably be luxury and expensive. At Joed’s you will be surprised how affordable the items in their menu are. The atmosphere there is very local (like a regular diner in Japan).

I think the place is owned by a Filipino chef who have previous work experience in Japan (and his name is probably Joed. XD)

I wanted to try everything in their menu but that’s already gluttony.

Below are what we had. We ordered just the basics but we are surely going back to try the more exotic ones. Check out the prices!
Pork Tonkatsu. PHP 35.00 

Fried Gyoza. PHP 75.00 

Mixed Sushi platter. PHP 180.00
"Joeds Lutong hapon fresh, wholesome Japanese-style cuisine is the essence of our menu. Dating back to the first Japanese carenderia in 2009 in mabolo cebu city, we introduced our signature Beef Gyudon, Sukiyakidon. In 2009, we brought this unique fresh and healthy tradition to the Cebuano people , opening our first Japanese carenderia in cebu.

Our menu is based on fresh ingredients featured in a variety of rice bowls including our signature Beef Gyudon sukiyakidon, Chicken Teriyaki, katsudon, and other varieties of Japanese flavorful cuisine.

Our authentic, yet affordable everyday priced Japanese–style menu has gained a loyal following that spans around the Cebu City.”

The diner was also featured in GMA 7’s Pop Talk.

Joed’s Lutong Hapon is open Monday to Sunday, from 11AM to to 1AM. They also hold buffet every now and then so better subscribe to the updates on their Facebook page.

Currently, they have 2 branches in Cebu. The one we went to is their first carenderialocated in Mabolo, Cebu City right in front of Sarosa International hotel.

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