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Saturday, September 21, 2013

HiligBagTags.com: Luggage Tags Just Got Sexier

If you think bag tags are just for bulky luggages you only use when travelling, think again. These personalized bag tags from HiligBagTags.com are statement pieces you would want to use everyday.

What is a bag tag?

Also known as baggage checks, baggage tags, or luggage tickets, they have been used since the late 1800s by bus, train, and airline companies as identifier of who owns the bag. This system has helped in many passengers avoid switching of bags in the event of identical bags and in tracing a specific bag if in case it has gone astray. They are more like temporary bag tags issued by transport companies.

There is also another type of bag tag that is affixed by the owner. They can range from simple laminated paper with basic contact information to something more creative with graphics and artworks.

Traditionally, bag tags are only used by travelers. However, when I saw the collection of Hilig Bag Tags, it made me realize that there is more to them than mere luggage identifiers.

"Hilig Bag Tags offers mementos to help motivate you be the best you can be. Maybe it would even inspire you to fulfill a life-long dream and change your life; like taking a culinary course and opening a restaurant.

Hilig Bag Tags represent our dreams, our motivation, and us. Let your bag tags speak for you."

The word "hilig" is a Filipino word that can refer to hobby or interest. A Hilig bag tag is a way of telling the world what you are passionate about. Awesome right?

I just got mine (and would probably get some more XD).

The shop has a wide selection of items and it aims to offer something for everyone. Do you love to run, cook, code, blog or shoot people? There is a Hilig bag tag for you.

I choose the "I Love Blogging" bag tag so that it will serve as a reminder whenever I feel like not blogging.

Their designs are really interesting they make you want to use them everyday. Check out some of their other designs!

Image source: www.hiligbagtags.com

Image source: www.hiligbagtags.com

Image source: www.hiligbagtags.com

I think these would also make good Christmas presents for your friends and loved ones. More designs are coming so better to check their website.

Their website is very easy to navigate and I got the item within a week. Considering I am based in Cebu, it ain't so bad. Thank you Ben Francia for the bag tag. :)

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