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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cebu SEO Bootcamp with Janette Toral (Digital Filipino) #searchbootcamp

So I got invited to an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) bootcamp last August 29, 2013 by the Digital Filipino herself, Janette Toral at the Diamond Suites and Residences Cebu.

At first I thought I was just going to learn the same things I already know about SEO but I was wrong. It was a life changing experience.

To say that I learned a lot is an under statement, it was information overload. The highlight about the event for me was that I got to refresh and learn more about SEO in an entrepreneur perspective.

I arrived late for the event due to an unexpected rain (ooops) and yeah, I almost got lost. 

Because I'm good (ahem), I'd like to share a few bits of the things we learned during the bootcamp.

Event poster

On handling SEO projects and clients...

When doing SEO for a client, your objectives should not be limited only on being able to deliver but to establish a long term relationship with your client. Think about this, you can't do SEO forever or at some point, you would want to stop working for other people. Building a long term relationship with your client can lead to better opportunities. For instance, after helping his or her business boom, you might want to consider being a stock holder.

"Your network is your net worth." - Porter Gale

Do not underestimate the power of your connections for wealth, success, and happiness in today's digital age.

"... it's just not you doing this project now but having a continuing relationship with a client." - Janette Toral

In order to have a long term relationship with a potential client, early on while you are still discussing the project, identify what are his or her passion and see if you have a match.

At this point, we were introduced to Porter Gale Funnel Test.

So where does SEO come in here?

When competition is tough, your biggest challenge is to find what makes the business or product stand out. It is equally important to identify also the business' purpose. At the end of the day, its all about gaining money but the profits would only come in if you have provided value to your customers.

From a content building perspective, what makes the brand interesting can also help you in coming up with unique and appealing articles.

If you have a clear grasp of the business' purpose, your SEO campaign would be aligned to that goal. If your client does not have a clear purpose other than gaining huge profits, as an SEO consultant, you should be able to add your own ideas to make things better. I realized that if you only accept what you are assigned, you are merely a worker but once you learned to add value, you can create a partnership. As a professional, this will be your differentiating factor from the other contractors selling the same services as you are.

"...SEO may be rocket science, may be algorithmic, may be a lot of logic but I think SEO with a heart is a different story all together." - Janette Toral

The above line struck me the most. I think when you put "heart" on your campaigns, regardless of search engine updates or drop in rankings, people would seek for ways to find your business instead of you trying to shove your product or service to their faces.
Image credit: Janette Toral
If you want to learn more about how your passion and connections can help you or your business, you might want to consider his book.

Again, there were a lot of things discussed during the boot camp. Janette gave us practical tips on how to do keyword research, competitor analysis, what makes a good website and even reputation management. We were also introduced to a few marketing concepts as well as SEO tools. blew me away.

As much as I want to share to you all everything we have discussed, I think it is unethical for me to do that. If you are interested on how SEO, blogging, and social media can take your business to greater heights, join Digital Filipino's series of face-to-face sessions. They also hold free webinars. Check out for more information.

Pictures or it didn't happen...

The participants with Janette Toral at the center. Image credit: Janette Toral
Geek Gone Girly meets Digital Filipino *i heart it*
Thank you to Kareen and Third Team Media for letting me join the Search Influence Bootcamp for free. My wallet loves you. :D

Thank you to Diamond Suites and Residences Cebu for our very cold venue, good internet connection, delicious food, unlimited coffee, and unlimited paper towels. :D

Thank you Janette Toral for sharing your knowledge.

Thank you for getting to this part. Please drop a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts. This blog is so lonely, Talk to me people. :D

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