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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Every Girl's Bestfriend: pH Care Feminine Wipes

Feminine hygiene is important to every woman's overall health. Aside from making us feel confident the whole day and preventing discomforts, proper feminine care also helps in preventing bacterial infections especially during those special times of the month.

I've been a pH Care user for a long time now and I really love their Cool Wind variant. It makes you feel clean and fresh all throughout the day and its ActiveCool formula gives you an extra cooling effect.

Great news to all ladies out there. Our trusted feminine care brand now comes in handy wipes which will help keep us feeling fresh and clean when we go out or when we travel to somewhere far.

Our lady parts are very sensitive and when we are on public places, we don't always have access to soap and water to wash our selves. pH care feminine wipes are lifesavers as it gently cleanses our intimate area and is very convenient to use.

Thank you Unilab for the pH Care feminine wipes. Love 'em!
We girls usually bring with us a bunch of things when we go out. A comb, face powder, lip balm and many others. Well, it always pays to be ready. Now that pH Care feminine wipes are here, I will never leave home without them.

With pH Care feminine wipes, you get all the benefits of pH Care feminine wash (hypo-allergenic, dermatologist tested, alcohol free, pH balanced) in a convenient, resealable, travelling pack. Each travel pack comes with 10 wipes. 

The packaging comes in a pretty design and is just the right size - not too bulky. They perfectly fit on regular sized purses along with your other kikay things.

The wipes have a lovely fresh scent and they are not too wet. Some generic wipes are either too dry or too wet, but pH care wipes have just the appropriate amount of moisture needed to cleanse. The resealable flap is neatly designed and you won't have a hard time opening and sealing the packaging.

Unlike regular tissues, they are carefully made to provide utmost care and protection to our intimate areas. Whether you have been working out on the gym, running, shopping for an entire day, or working hard in the office, pH Care feminine wipes can give you assurance that you will always feel your best.

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