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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Star Wars Day Cebu 2024



Star Wars Day Cebu 2024 made a smashing return for its second year. May 4th and May 5th has always been considered as "May the fourth be with you" and "Revenge of the fifth" by many Star Wars fans all over the world. 

Held at Ayalamall Central Bloc's Activity center in Cebu City, the event transferred the space into a haven for Jedi, Sith and everything in between. 
Photo Credits to Aldonel Banaybal

The event was brought to life by the passionate members of Cebu's loca lightsaber combat group, the "Cebu Sabersturm Academy" and their partner organizers, including "The Outpost level 1313", the 501st Cebu Scarif Garrison and various Star Wars fans from around Cebu. Joining forces to contribute to the event's success. 

Photo credits to Aldonel Banaynal

Once inside, attendees were treated to a galaxy of activities. Vendors set up shop, selling all kinds of cool Star Wars stuff like action figure and clothes. Artists displayed their amazing Star Wars-themed artwork, showing off their talent and creativity. 

For those who like games, there were tabletop games like Star Wars RPG, Star Wars Xwing minatures and Star Wars Shatterpoint to try out. 

And if you were hungry, you could grab some lightsaber-shaped ice cream, thanks to Selecta Philippines. 

But the fun didn't stop there. A toy exhibit took fans on a trip down memory lane, showcasing all sorts of cool Star Wars toys from the past. And a life-size K-2SO robot added an extra touch of magic to the event. 

This special exhibit was a labor of love, made possible by the collaborative efforts of various Star Wars Fans from across Cebu. Together, they curated a captivating display featuring an impressive array of toys, ranging from vintage collectibles, to modern favorites. 

And some fans came in costumes of their favorite Star Wars character. 

But the excitement didn't stop there. Mini-games added an extra layer of fun to the proceedings, with attendees eagerly participating in challenges such as lightsaber limbo, Star Wars trivia and the hunt for Stan Lee. 

Laughter filled the air as fans showcased their best Chewbacca impersonations and tested their reflexes with blaster deflection games, adding a playful touch to the day's events. 

Of course, no Star Wars Event would be complete without lightsaber duels, and Star Wars Day Cebu 2024 delivered in full force. From undercard matchups to midcard showdows and main events, members of Sabersturm showcased their skills in electrifying displays of combat that left attendees on the edge of their seats. 

But there was more to these duels than meets the eye. For some of the older members of Sabersturm, these duels marked a passing of the torch as they showcased their skills one last time, they passed on their knowledge and passion to the next generation of Saber enthusiasts. 

As the lights dimmed and the final duels concluded, attendees departed with memories of an unforgettable day spent in the company of fellow Star Wars fans. The on-stage activities of Star Wars Day Cebu 2024 had brought the magic of the galaxy far, far away to life in a way that was truly special

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