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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Cosplay Anime Fest 2022

       Cosplayers old and new gathered around Robinson's Galleria Cebu for the Cosplay Anime Fest 2022 held on September 10, 2022. 

       With a lot of time lost due to the pandemic, it's no wonder we see a lot of cosplay events lately, and all cosplayers are making great efforts to bring out their best cosplays to show the world. Centered around the theme: Anime, every contestant brought an anime character to life. 


The competition had three categories that each contestant was able to join: The cloth category, The armor category, as well as introducing a kids category wherein little kiddos can join in the fun. Aside from just the cosplay, they also introduced a voice acting competition that allowed anyone who had talents for voice imitations or just simply performing popular phrases that are present in animes, and then there's also Jan ken pon which served as a mini-game for anyone attending the event whether they're in cosplay or not. 

    Not only did the event had ensured that people had fun in the competition, but they made sure that everyone was welcome to join the cosplay event at any time by having a live performance for those who can't compete in the cosplay competition and allowing those who love to perform give life to their own characters that they are portraying. 


    Other than that, a parade was also organized by the event to allow those who did not want to join in the competition or the live performance to be able to showcase the cosplay attire that they had worked hard on. 

Truly the pandemic did a hard hit on cosplayers around the world, but they sure are compensating for lost time now with a cosplay event popping up here and there. We are sure to see more of these in the next months to come and we all are just as excited as ever. 


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