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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Alternative Rider: An electric vehicle exhibit


        In line with Ayala Malls' "Go! Zero" Campaign, Ayala Centralbloc Cebu partnered with Sugbo Skooteros and Sugbo Ebikers for an exhibit featuring electric-powered vehicles to promote a clean and green environment. 

    On July 16, 2022, volunteers from both e-vehicle groups gathered together to feature their own units to the public. Of course, the flashing lights and the awesome upgrades from all the Ebikes and e-scooters are not the highlights of the exhibit, both groups campaign for a cleaner and greener environment by supporting the use of electric-powered vehicles over gasoline-powered ones. 

(Photo by Johnn Mendoza)

(Photo by Johnn Mendoza)


        There is no denying that the whole world has been impacted by the recent happenings that had caused the surge in the prices of gasoline all over the world. It is a bit disheartening to see such a struggle right now in our economy, but there is always a silver lining to these things. With the rise of gasoline, people started to seek alternative ways of transportation, and that is where e-vehicles started to become prominent in a lot of cities around the world, and that includes our beloved city Cebu. 

These are some of the pros that we could list of using an electric vehicle in our day-to-day life:

  • No fuel consumption 

Gas is one of the biggest resources that the world is needing (and let's face it, the gas price is higher which is a bum) With the use of e-vehicles we avoid having to face the problem of spending a lot of money on gas

  • E-Vehicles are environmental friendly 

Since e-vehicles don't emit any kind of pollutants that contributes to the overall pollution that the environment is currently suffering, we reduce human's contribution to pollution by using e-vehicles

  • E-Vehicles are low maintenance 

In comparison to a car, e-vehicles are high-performing units with very little maintenance needed to be done due to the units having an efficient electric motor installed

(Photo by Johnn Mendoza)

    There is no doubt that the world is changing for the better, especially when it comes to finding alternative resources. Hopefully soon enough, regardless of whether it's slow progress or not, we can eventually come to a point where our city can be cleaner and greener. 

The exhibit lasted for one whole day, and hopefully, this can be an annual thing that we all could enjoy attending.  

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