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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Polymer Clay art workshop cebu



    To celebrate Father's day this year, Robinson's Galleria Cebu partnered with Zeth's Clay Crafts from Davao to host a Clay Art Workshop that parents and children would enjoy together. 

    Creating figures from clay has always been a fun art and craft that kids and adults love to do. Creating these figures using polymer Clay gives us more opportunity to create more than just simple figures in comparison to play doughs. It is the baking process of the polymer clay is that makes it special because it allows us to make our creations hard enough that we can build more stuff out of it, like jewelry, designs for scrapbooks, frames, and so much more! The only limitation is your imagination! 

    Zeth's Clay Crafts gave both the kiddos and their parents a great weekend, allowing them to be creative as well as use their imaginations in what they wanted to create from the clay that was provided. Guided by the staff of Zeth's Clay Crafts, everyone who attended the workshop was taught how to mold each part of the figure, how to combine them and how long they needed to bake each figurine. The Workshop highlighted how to create Chibi Figurines, whether it's a replica of you, a replica of a cartoon character, or even of a person you know. Aside from that, part of their program was to create designs for spoon handles as well, which they can also do at home. 

    Whatever it is each person made throughout the workshop, Zeth's Clay Crafts helped everyone bring out the artists in them! And they sure did have fun doing together with their loved ones. They even had the figures as well as some goodies to bring home to remind them of the fun and wonderful experience that they had on Father's day!

    The Workshop only lasted for a day, but we are hoping that Robinsons Galleria Cebu and Zeth's Clay Crafts will partner more in the future to give those who missed the workshop a chance to be able to attend it in the future! 

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