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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cutting Through Identity Revival: Philippine Cutting Competition 2019

The Cutting Competition showcases the craftsmanship of local blade masters. Competitors use locally made blades to test its balance, grip, and sharpness.Also, the event showcased a demo of “Linambay” a local discipline of martial arts in sword fighting that mimics the gestures or actions of a “lambay” or crab.

The blade tests include cutting a pine wood, vertically cutting a straw, horizontally cutting a straw twice, vertically cutting a plastic bottle, cutting a golf ball and a tennis ball, paper cutting, rope cutting, cutting a suspended water bottle and lastly cutting adjacent eight plastic bottles.
The said sport is new to us however, the craft of perfecting blades and the art of using blades for fighting has been in our blood for the longest time before colonization. Hail to the rajahs and datus whose blood has kept the art of war burning.

The discipline went low key as civilization paved its way yet, we tend to come around as years pass by.

Celebrating its 2ndyear of identity revival, the event is organized by blade masters and blade enthusiasts from all over the country as well as foreigners wherein like – minded and curious people get together to be educated and be recognized.
All blade enthusiasts and blade masters are welcome to join.

For blade enthusiasts you can follow the different facebook pages of the organizers while blade masters may contact the main organizers to set a day for showing your works to the same facebook pages which are Filipino Blade Enthusiasts, Filipino Traditional Blades and Camp Red bushcraft and Survival Guild.

Check out the video of the event below:



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