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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Talk on Revamping Cebuano Meriendas by Chef Dave Daryl Gelaga

Casa Gorordo's celebration of Nutrition Month is getting capped off with a talk by Chef Dave Daryl Gelaga on a very sweet subject: Pastry.

The Chef shared his very in depth knowledge of local pastries from how they were made traditionally to how they are presented today. Witty in his explanations, Chef Gelaga takes us adults back to a nostalgic time when these local delicacies were a part of our childhood, as well as encouraging the younger generation in attendance to have more appreciation of the local Filipino sweet cuisine. He and his team demonstrates the various other ways we can present these classic favorites into more artistic ways. A display of creativity indeed.

"These are street food that you find everyday, by preparing it in a different way, we get to elevate its taste. By focusing on street food or traditional Cebuano snacks, we are trying to also promote their nutritional value as much as we are trying to make the public aware that the merienda food can be presented in different ways" - Florencio Moreno, Curator, Casa Gorordo Museum.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. is a huge advocate on Culture & Heritage and this talk at the Casa Gorordo Museum is just of of the many programs to help promote their vision in highlighting that advocacy.

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