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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Handuraw Review

Food Comma Jumps: Handuraw Food Review

A few of the Cebu X-Geeks found themselves at Handuraw Pizza's branch in the Annex Bldg. of  White Gold Club located on A. Soriano Jr. Ave., Carreta, Cebu City. JJ Vestil, Xericho Monte de Ramos, Panky and myself wandered over for some pizza and music.  Panky was there the earliest and the rest followed soon after.

Enjoying their iced tea using my new stainless steel straw care of JJ Vestil

Handuraw's Chicken fingers were juicy and tasty although someone put a little too much JumpShots hot sauce on theirs.  I wonder who that might be? *cough cough Panky cough cough*

It has been a while since I've eaten at Handuraw and their pizza is as delicious as I remember.  This iteration is a meat lover's pizza. The plate they put the thin crust pizza on is a great idea because less of pizza's surface touches the bottom where oil accumulates, keeping the pizza crispy longer.  I must go back again and try their other pizzas soon.

Handuraw's Ice Cream Cake -  a chocolate fudge and an ice cream layer with chocolate syrup drizzled on top makes it extremely pleasing for dessert lovers.

Handuraw's Frozen Brazo de Mercedes is exactly that: a slice of Brazo de Mecedes that has been frozen. Milder in sweetness compared to the ice cream cake but just as enjoyable to eat. I believe JJ liked it more than the other dessert the X-Geeks had tonight.

Beautiful artwork inside the restaurant

Here are some of the artwork displayed during the time we were there.  I'm no art connoisseur but these are very well done. I especially loved the Heath Ledger Joker piece done by one of the artists. 😁  There is a separate post on the Cebu X-Geeks page detailing the artwork and the bands that played there if you'd like to know more. 😍

Aside from the wonderful artwork, there were several bands that performed in the al fresco area and although I could not hear the lyrics very well from inside the restaurant, I really enjoyed the rock melodies the bands played.  All in all, it was a food-coma inducing adventure as well as a satisfyingly  rocking one.

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