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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why Gamers Resort to Video Game Piracy

Several gamers out there in the world would advise not to download pirated video games because it is against ethics and certain laws in some countries. Third world countries can get away from those laws, which is why they take advantage of these free games. However, there are specific reasons why gamers pirate such games.

The most common and specific reasons are being poor, trying it out before buying, or they just want to pirate it. Let me explain these reasons further below.

Lack of Funds

Yes, you would reason out that if a gamer has money to purchase a console, desktop, or laptop, then he or she has cash to purchase games, right? Wrong. Do not draw conclusions right away if you do not know what their situation is.

Sure, they had enough cash to buy those expensive gadgets, but at what cost? Maybe they only had enough money for that gadget. Maybe they even bought those with cash loans and they do not have extra cash to purchase those expensive games.

Sometimes it is the fault of the gamers who have enough cash to buy games they want. These poor gamers are only human and they can get jealous too. So, the only way they could play those recent games is to get the pirated version on the internet.

So do not judge these pirate gamers too quickly. Well, there are others that have scum reasons though, but we will go to that later.

Try before you buy

Again, sure, gamers can watch YouTube videos about games being played by other gamers and get an impression from them. You can also read reviews from other gamers and gaming websites as well. Truth to be told though: do you really want to depend on other gamers to choose the games that you play?

Heck not.

The best and LEGAL way to try out a game is through its trial or demo version. It can let you try out the first few parts of it, but there are some gamers that would feel that their gameplay was anti-climactic.

So, there’s the other way, which is by downloading the pirated version of the game. Gamers would be able to play the whole game to their hearts content, and if they like it and they want to support the developers, then they would buy it. I’m one of those guys of course who want to know if my money is worth giving to these developers.

Just because they can

The scummiest reason why some gamers pirate video games is for the fun of it. Many crackers of these games want to provide happiness to their fans, but there are a few others who just want to let the game companies know that they can do it. They get the thrill of cracking these games open and sharing the pirated version to the world and exploit it.

There are also gamers who just want to get free games. They might use their money for other things, or they just want freebies. It is unproductive for everyone if this was their reason to pirate games.


  1. I think that the majority of the gamers here in ph or other 3rd world countries use piracy because the games are way too expensive especially console games :D

    1. I agree. Let's face it, modern gaming is an expensive hobby and the huge majority of gamers in Ph don't have the money to spend on modern games. The investment in getting a console/rig, buying the game, an internet connection, DLCs, etc. is too much for regular and casual people.

    2. I agree completely. As stated, sometimes they only have the money to buy PC Rigs or consoles. The games? They don't have the cash for it anymore so they resort to piracy. Sad, but true.

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