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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why I Love Video Games

why i love videogames

Several gamers around the world may give you different sets of answers when you ask them: “Why do you love video games?” Me? Well, I have several answers to give and there is truth to what I write here. Some of you might not relate, others might even contradict my words, but to me, these are my reasons why I love to purchase, collect, and play video games.

new world to explore

Unlike our normal, boring world, video games offer a wide variety of worlds to explore. For me, video games are like books that open portals to different dimensions with their own stories, settings, characters, and many more. I love to explore such new experiences and video games are the perfect mediums to interact with.

Stories that I love to ravish

This is my first priority and the most important factor in giving a game a high score: a great story. I always love a great story to read and video games give that to me. I have played different kinds of games with different types of stories to tell and you can always tell from my reviews that I love the game because of this.

Even if the graphics are dull, the music boring, the features difficult, the stories will always make any game great if it is told well. As long as it offers a solid start, an extensive body, and a satisfying ending, I can give that game a high score of at least 8. 

Meet new characters

I also love multiplayer, which is a good way to meet up with new people around the world. Some games have toxic communities, but there are a few hidden gems out there that have solid ones.

Games also introduce different kinds of characters, even though they are included in the game only. You get to know their stories, go through their struggles, and be there for them in the end. The Metal Gear Solid franchise comes to mind because it made me emphasize with the characters, especially Snake. 

Exercises the mind

I particularly love strategic/tactical video games because I get to plan first before I attack opponents. These games make me think of my next move so that I can expose a weakness as an example. With that, I can topple my enemies easily by taking advantage of that.

Some games offer puzzles as well, which lets you think on how to solve such difficult challenges. Other games also offer training of your reflexes and timing like Dark Souls, NiOh, and other platformer games.

Easy destresser

I also play video games to escape the hustle and bustle of life. It is my way of de-stressing my mind of the troubles I have encountered recently. This also makes me calm my mind and lets me think straight in order to solve my real-life problems. 

Inspired to work

Playing and purchasing new video games is also one of the many reasons why I continue to work hard. Several new games are coming in the next few days, months, or years and that gets me inspired to do better at work so that I would have cash to purchase limited, collector’s, or standard editions. My priorities will change later in life, but for now this is one of the reasons that drives me to do better.

We all have our different reasons and I would like to know yours! please don't hesitate to comment below!


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