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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cebu’s Premier Blogging Group Celebrates its 7th Founding Anniversary #CBSi7

While everyone else is excited preparing for the upcoming Valentines Day, the cool kids at Cebu Bloggers Society Inc are all geared up for our 7th anniversary!

I’ve heard about CBSi since 2009. It was during that time that I started gaining a deep interest on blogging as a hobby. Even though I don’t really enjoy writing (I still do, which is kind of weird), I was really inspired to do my best because I was hoping that one day I will become one of the members. I really admire CBSi’s ongoing lifelong commitment to its mission which is to “promote Cebu’s overall beauty through blogging and social networking and at the same time be a productive group and productive individuals towards nation building.”

I think my blogging career took a 360 degree turn after attending the first Social Good Summit in Cebu back in September of 2012 which was organized by CBSi. I can still remember the high feeling after the event and it fueled my desire to blog and do social media for a greater purpose. I took a great leap from blogging about my shallow worldly interests to something bigger than myself.

Looking back, even if I wasn’t a member yet, CBSi always had a significant impact in my growth as a blogger. Although I am a part of other blogging communities in the Philippines, CBSi holds a special place in my heart and for its 7th anniversary, I am deeply honored and grateful that I am now part of this awesome family.

The celebration will take place this February 15, 2015 at Marriott Hotel Cebu - one of Cebu’s top hotels strategically located within Cebu's premier financial business district.

I can’t wait for Sunday. 

Happy 7th Anniversary CBSi!

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