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Friday, January 23, 2015

There's a New Contact Center Player in Town. They're Not Just Another BPO

January last year, PH top technology blog YugaTech posted their list of Top Earning BPO Companies in the Philippines. One particular entry stands out from the list, sitting at number 4, as you’ve probably never heard of this company before yet it ranked higher compared to household names like Stream, Aegis People Support and Sykes.
[24]7 is relatively a new player in the customer engagement industry but has already shown that it can fight head on with the pioneers. For those looking for a career in customer care, let’s get to know this company better.

21st Century Customer Behavior

We now live in the era of mobility. Almost everything can be done on the go from managing your finances, booking your next flight to even managing your own business thanks to advancements in internet, cloud computing, and mobile technology.

These things has undoubtedly made our lives more convenient especially in terms of communication. Can't reach someone's landline? No problem. You can email, post a tweet, or send a Facebook chat.

Mobility, convenience, and multichannel interactions - these are the three things that best describes today's customer behavior. As for organizations and companies that customers interact with, these three things are the areas of concern they need to pay attention and calls for a new customer service framework.

Is having the usual toll-free hotline enough? The answer lies to how well you know your customers.

[24]7 completes the engagement between customers and companies by providing data-driven solutions based upon customer-company behaviour.

The [24]7 way...

[24]7 is not your typical contact center BPO as they also provides custom software solutions to their clients. The company builds custom suit that fits the different needs of varying companies and their diverse pool of customers. These solutions are done through mobile, chat, speech and other channels which are integrated together as an omnichannel delivering the best experience for customers. On top of that is their predictive analytics which can anticipate the needs of the customer making each call or chat session easy and enjoyable.

[24]7 makes use of “big data” to create solutions and aims to close the gap between the company and the customer’s needs. For those who have worked or are currently working for call center companies or perhaps those in the customer service industry, how many of you have experienced an extremely long call just to tackle a single customer concern? How about dealing with customers who seem to have no idea of what their real issue is? These are not uncommon scenes.

By leveraging “big data”, [24]7 is able to help companies anticipate, simplify, and learn which leads to a smarter and more effective multi-channel customer service.

Three pillars define [24]7’s unique approach to reinventing consumer focused customer service: 
We make consumer interactions intuitive by predicting what people want and giving them an easy way to get things done in the channel of their choice. 
We make things easy for consumers by seeing the world from their perspective. 
Our software learns by using big data that enables enterprises to continuously understand more about their consumers.

#247Life in Cebu

[24]7 opened its doors to Filipinos from 2006 and is rapidly expanding its business in the country with over 4,000 workforce (and growing). They currently have two offices in Luzon (Makati and Ortigas) and a third one in Cebu (6th floor eBloc 3 Bldg in IT Park).

For their Cebu operations, most of their agent openings are for chat support. So if you enjoy this type of customer interaction, you might want to consider joining [24]7. They also have openings for non-agent positions. Make sure to follow the updates of their recruitment team via Facebook.

The company offers highly competitive compensation, supportive leaders, engaging culture, and encourages work-life balance. Follow #247Life in your favorite social media to get a feel of the company’s culture. Observation --- they are definitely one of the most engaging BPO I know and those travel incentives. Oh my! 

Contact [24]7:

Manila Trunk line: (02) 79-247-77
Manila Email:
Cebu Trunk line: (032) 230-6877
Cebu Email:
Facebook: [24]7 Recruitment Philippines
Twitter: 24_7inc
Recruitment Website:

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