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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Craving for Something Mexican? Check out MexiMAMA Cocina Latina. It Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Located at the back of SaveMore Marina Mall branch in MEPZ 1 Lapu Lapu City, MexiMAMA Cocina Latina promises to give you authentic dining experience without hurting your wallet. I’m no food expert but the moment I took my first bite of their completely made from scratch nachos, I was SOLD!

I’ve been here for a couple of times already and had the opportunity to talk with the chef owner Chef Victor Rusiana. I’ve learned that all the spices they used for their dishes are imported from Mexico so you really get that authentic Mexican taste. The chef also have extensive experience working with renowned hotels and restaurants in Cebu so you can’t doubt his skills.

If you come here for the first time, you might be surprised with the set-up (well, I did). Unlike the popular Mexican restaurants you can find in Cebu (hint: Moon Cafe, Maya etc), there’s no fancy lighting, no air-conditioning, none of those fancy stuff that just add up to your bill. Just a very casual, homey set-up like your neighborhood carenderia but the experience they offer is top notch.

Looking for a new place to chill on Friday nights with friends or officemates? Come visit this place.

Below are some of the delectable and savory dishes from their menu that you should try.

Nachos en Salsa (Home made nacho chips, salsa roja. 85 pesos per serving)


As I have said earlier, their nachos are 100% made from scratch (most of their items are). It doesn't taste like junk food and is quite filling. You can even eat the nachos on its own. 

The salsa has a very distinct tangy flavor you will never forget. Probably the best nachos and salsa you will ever have.

Elotes (Grilled corn on the cob at 75 pesos per serving)


This grilled Mexican corn on cob is another must try! It is drizzled with home made crema, jalapeno butter, and MexiMAMA secret blend of herbs and spices. Healthy and yummy!

Chimichanga (Deep-fried burrito, your choice of fish or meat filling)


Carne en Salsa


Stewed US beef with Mexican chilies, orange, and tomato sauce. It's similar to our calderetas without the fishy after-taste. 

Queso Fundido (85 pesos per serving)


The cheese dip is made with Mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, quick melt cheese, and fresh milk.

Empanadas (2 peices for 75 pesos)


This empanada is filled with home made Mexican chorizo, potatoes, cream rojo and three cheese combo.

I forgot what this was called but it was delicious!




You have two dip choices: milky variant and the spicy chocolate. But I think you can also ask for just plain chocolate, none with chili.

Tres leches flan (65 pesos per serving)


This leche flan recipe is very smooth to the throat. It's not too sweet. It's made with full cream, evaporated, and condensed milk and of course egg yolks. Duh.

Here's another insider information. The owner loves to introduce new items to their menu every now and then so you won't get bored with their offerings. Not that their menu is really boring but you get the point.

Also, if there is a particular Mexican treat you are craving for but can't find it on their menu, feel free to ask the chef if he can  make one for you. I requested the chef to make me Dorilocos (crazy Doritos) the next time I visit. 



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