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Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 Values Innate Among Filipinos We Should Nurture this 2015 #ChangeForTheBetter

Happy New Year! It's that perfect time again to reflect on the year that has passed and start planning ahead for a better future.

There's something about new beginnings that is so motivating and this has inspired the team at Krem-Top coffee creamer to initiate the campaign to motivate and challenge individuals, particularly us Filipinos, to start aspiring to become a better person a habit. Dubbed as Change for the Better, the campaign which started in 2012, aims to call everyone to commit and sustain this goal throughout the year and beyond. For 2015, the campaign has grown from a personal level to a nationalistic cause.

“The year 2015 is harvest time - harvesting all what is good about the Filipino to transform our country into a great nation,” said Dr. Mina Ramirez, renowned sociologist and current president of the Asian Social Institute.

Dr. Mina Ramirez during the Krem-Top Change for the Better Cebu launch
Nurturing values that are natural among Filipinos that will remind us of our identity and strengthen our nationhood - these are the focus for this year's Krem-Top Change for the Better campaign. With the guidance of Dr. Mina Ramirez, Krem-Top has identified the Five Core Filipino Values that define who and what we are. These core values are what make us  stand out from the rest of the world based on Dr. Ramirez’s study  and her insights from decades of practice as a phenomenological sociologist.

Here are the five core values we should nurture as Filipinos this 2015:


Filipinos are a cheerful bunch and knows how to enjoy life. Despite being struck by tragedies, we can always find a reason to still be grateful and smile. We are naturally optimistic. 


As the Philippines is prone to natural calamities, we Filipinos have learned to remain strong in times of hardships. This strength is deeply rooted from our love for family and longing for order. When we are able to get through a difficult situation, we often say "Ayos na".


When we desire for something, Filipinos selflessly gives their best. This core trait is very evident among Overseas Filipino Worders (OFW) who endure being away from their loved ones in order to give their family an abundant life.


We Filipinos are naturally compassionate. We oftentimes don't think twice in helping someone, even to a complete stranger, when we see someone in need.


Filipinos have distinct ways of showing respect not just to the elderly. We are a naturally polite people and even our language shows our being respectful because it does not have gender bias. Example, brothers and sisters are referred to as "kapatid", husband and wife are both referred to as "asawa". These uniquely Filipino words definitely shows our respect for both sexes.

Dr. Mina Ramirez explained, “If you want to get to know the Filipino, learn the language. Most of our values are deeply rooted in how we express ourselves. The Five Core Filipino Values based on the Basic Aspirations of a Filipino are in Filipino language because there are no direct translations of these traits. The words are unique to us. Understanding these traits would mean dissecting the soul of a Filipino.”

The Krem-Top team, is hopeful that the #ChangeForTheBetter campaign will help raise awareness about the need to keep or enrich or restore these core values of Filipinos.

“We hope that Krem-Top’s Change for the Better campaign will inspire us to be the better version of ourselves for the benefit of our families and our country. No matter who you are, whether young or old, with no respect to sex or belief, what makes us great as a nation are our values. We may be a nation that is not as rich as the others economically but we are definitely one of the richest when it comes to values.”

For more information about Krem-Top Change for the Better campaign, visit www.facebook.com/AlaskaKremTop or follow @kremtopPH on Twitter.

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