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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

R8 Epic Five-Color Glowing Mouse From Trends n Deals Unboxing + Review

In my December 2013 post Geek Gift Ideas Under 500 Pesos, item number 3 is the Epic Five-Color Glowing mouse valued at PHP 499. Remember how I said that I bought this gaming mouse for my boyfriend and I kind of regretted giving it to him for I like to keep it to myself? Well, I'm actually using it now in my work. To make the story short, I borrowed it. :D



The packaging looks neat and attractive --- decent enough when gifting the item to someone. Its box is made from good quality carton and I loved how the front is cut out to emphasize what's inside.


I'm not a gamer. The initial reason why I ordered this mouse was because of its aesthetics. I'm in front of the computer for more than 8 hours per day and my desk is really boring. The 5 color glowing design makes my plain work space brighter.

But aside from its physical design, ergonomic wise, this mouse feels good in the hand. I'm a big girl with big hands. Finding the right mouse in the right weight and size has always been an issue for me, especially when I used to work in the corporate world where you are not allowed to bring your own devices. Mouse size and weight preference is different for everyone. For me, I don't like a small light weight mouse.

I sometimes do photo editing and whenever I use a light weight mouse, tracing shapes and objects is very difficult compared to when using a heavier mouse. I guess, the mass of the mass makes you more careful of your hand movements.

As per the size, this professional gaming mouse from China R8 is not too bulky nor too small for me. Fits perfectly on my palm like my BlackBerry Curve 9320.


The mouse comes with a dedicated button right below the scroll button so you can easily switch between DPI resolutions (up to 2400 DPI). DPI refers to the sensitivity of your mouse. Have you ever noticed some mouse tends to be slow while others are really fast? That is DPI in action. In layman terms, a lower DPI makes your mouse appear slow and vice versa.

I love how I can easily adjust the mouse resolution. If I need to do a lot of data entry tasks such as copying and pasting into Excel sheets, the higher DPI can turn you into a copy-paste ninja. When photo editing, I find the low DPI more advantageous, especially when tracing very small details.

Another notable feature of this mouse is the integrated forward/backward buttons. I also do a lot of web research in my work and the forward/backward buttons have helped me cut back a little bit of my time when navigating websites and search results pages.


Trends and Deals is marketing this mouse for gaming purposes, but the features are considerably limited when compared to other gaming mouse optimized for MMO games. But when it comes to office use, the DPI switcher and built-in forward/backward buttons are real life savers and can help you with your productivity.

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