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Monday, December 16, 2013

7 Geek Gift Ideas For Christmas From Trends n' Deals. All Under 500 Pesos!

Christmas is fast approaching are you done shopping yet? If not, here are curiously awesome finds from my favorite online shop in the Philippines, Trends n' Deals.

Disclaimer, I am not paid in any form by Trends n' Deals. I just really love shopping through them. Aside from offering cool products at an affordable price and me being a sucker for freebies, my experience with them has been great so far and I think I'm becoming addicted to online shopping.

Below are geek gift ideas that can make very good Christmas presents all under 500 pesos! The shop ships within 3 to 7 business days, so if you order right now after reading this post, I think your gift will make it before December 25.

1. Official Tetris Heat Change Mug - PHP 299

Image courtesy of Vat19.com 

Who said mugs ain't cool? If you give me this Tetris mug, I will love you forever (as a friend :D). This addictive game from my childhood is my absolute favorite game of all time. Well, actually, this is one of the few games I am good at. This novelty mug is perfect for 80's and 90's kids. What a perfect way to enjoy your milk tea or coffee.

2. Mini Electric Violin - PHP 299

This cute electric violin makes a pretty display to any room or office desk and can serve as a good conversation starter. This is ideal for kids who wants to learn how to play this musical instrument and for adults too. You can play with its pre-set songs or play it as a violin itself!

3. Epic 5-Color Glowing Mouse - PHP499

Image courtesy of TrendsNDeals.com 

I bought this awesome USB mouse for my boyfriend and I kind of regret giving it to him for I should have just kept it to myself. I'm kidding.

I liked this for its design, but when I tried it, it's surprisingly smooth and ergonomic. The size and weight of this mouse is just right for my big hands. This can be an affordable gaming mouse alternative or something to add life color to your boring desk.

4. 31 Piece Screw Driver Set - PHP 289

Image courtesy of TrendsNDeals.com

For your friends and love ones who love to tinker, this may be a good gift idea. It has a compact design and comes with an anti-static replaceable head handle made of rubber and chrome-vanadium steel.

If you plan on getting me a present, this tool set will also do. Suddenly this article is becoming like Jane's Christmas 2013 wish list. :D

5. High-end Foldable 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse - PHP 349

Image courtesy of TrendsNDeals.com

Another computer mouse added to the list. Who can't use an extra clicker? This one is perfect for those who travel a lot, work online, and can't live without a mouse.

6. Futuristic Touch-Screen Watch - PHP 499

Image courtesy of TrendsNDeals.com

I think this looks very fashionable and the dot matrix design has a Daft Punk vibe to it. A stylish and functional gift for the boy next door.

7. Self Stirring Mug - PHP 299

Image courtesy of TrendsNDeals.com 

I need this in my life! 'Nuff said.

There are still a lot of cool affordable items in Trends n' Deals. Feel free to browse their shop. Let me know what you think of these recommendations.

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