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Saturday, May 18, 2013

How To Have a Lord of The Rings Wedding

For the couple who wants their special day to truly unique, having a themed wedding is a great way through which they can express their interests and personalities. While popular choices range from fun themes like “Hawaiian getaway” to the elegant “Roaring 20s”, twosomes are finding innovative ways to pay homage to their shared love of geeky fiction as well as each other. Should you dress up as Princess Peach and make your groom appear as Mario? Or how about a classic Star Wars wedding, complete with Darth Vader officiating the exchange of the vows? The options are limited only as limited as the imagination. A fictional world that has the breathtaking beauty, heroism and enchantment to inspire the most romantic of weddings is Middle-Earth, exhibited in the Lord of the Rings.

How To Have a Lord of The Rings Wedding

1. For any successful themed wedding, the inspiration should translate across every element both large and small, starting with the location and decor. For an elegant, nighttime event, consider mirroring the magical intrigue of Lotholorien, the dreamy realm of the elves that remained unsoiled by time. With the mythical kingdom being nestled among tall, strong Mallorn trees and resting between two rivers, your twilight wedding can be both forested or waterside, and lit with the soft glow of candles and twinkling lights tucked into the trees. To capture the kingdom’s moonshine and mist, decorate with silvery colors and shimmery materials, and consider featuring a harp player.

Contrastingly, the beloved Shire was a place of rustic warmth; to have your own hobbit wedding, find a location that is surrounded by rolling hills of green or perhaps a lovely, untamed garden. Marry under a canopy draped with garland and serve your guests family-style on long, rectangular dining tables that have simple centerpieces – mason jars and lanterns will help evoke the simplistic living of this modest, laidback population. A lively band of fiddles, flutes and a traditional Bodhran drum will certainly get plenty of feet merrily stomping!

2. The journeyers in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novels often packed mythical lembas bread for their heroic treks – while you won’t be able to get your hands on this fictional, elf-manufactured food for your own reception spread, you can easily recreate it to serve as an appetizers or edible wedding favors. The Hobbits and Dwarves of the series certainly knew how to party, so make sure to keep the party going with a selection of wines, craft beers and mead. Why not also treat guests to a sweet cordial, similar to the Miruvor, an elfish drink that gave characters strength? The cake is the showpiece of any reception, so ask your baker about various designs that are available; check out the themed cake designed by Tiffany’s Baking Company.

3. The lovely costumes made a sweeping impression in the movies (and won plenty of awards), and a themed bridal dress can easily do the same. Pick out a piece that has a sweeping train and a Juliet sleeve that dramatically flairs to capture the drama and romance of the aesthetic, like this dress from Rivendel Bridal. Ladies will also want to adorn their hair with a crown of either silver or flowers. And let us not forget about the gentlemen! They too can get into the spirit with the long robes of the elves, or the smart, casual vests of the hobbits. Both bridal bands can be engraved with the language of the ring to serve as a continuous reminder of the fantasticalness of your wedding day.

4. Don’t forget to allow your guests to participate in the fun! Have Celtic or medieval styled invitations inform your attendants of the upcoming nuptials and provide helpful tips on how they can pull together a themed outfit for the big day. Furthermore, let them take home a big of the magic with them with medieval-inspired gifts or wedding favors that are ecofriendly to encourage your attendants to cherish our planet as much as the fictional heroes treasured the beauty of Middle Earth.

The Lord of the Rings series is about selflessly doing right, uniting to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, valuing friendship and loyalty above power, and never giving up. As two people stand together to pledge their love and devotion to one another in front of their friends and family, these are not bad principles to incorporate into a ceremony. With its enchanting beauty and ability to invigorate both passions and the imagination, the Tolkien’s stories are ideal for a themed wedding!

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