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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Top Tweets From Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 #TrendingForward

Last Saturday, March 16, 2013, the first ever Social Media Influencers Summit was held at J Center Convention Hall Cebu and gathered influencers from various sectors --- from students, to bloggers to high profile people from the media, business and government sector. The convention was literally packed with very useful information on utilizing the power of social media. 

Information overload but in a good way. I bought two tickets for the event and I regret nothing.

Below are some of the "best" tweets (imo) that document valuable lessons from most of the speakers during the summit. It does not cover all the topics that were discussed, but I believe captured the essentials. It wasn't easy putting all of these together so I would like to apologize if I miss a lot of things.


"Trending Forward" by keynote speaker Maria Ressa, Executive Director and CEO of

Website - Engagement - Social Media - Audience. Rapler Architecture that is! #smis2013 #trendingforward
— (@CebuAutoBlog)
"You can never do anything that has a lasting impact alone." - @maria_ressa #trendingforward #smis2013 @rapplerdotcom
— Ken (@kenkenhimself) 
Nasty words in social media has real world outcome..@maria_ressa#SMIS2013 #TrendingForward
GeeMiz Personal Blog (@Geemiz)
If you don't know your demographic, you're not reaching your highest engagement level. @maria_ressa #smis2013 #trendingforward
Jonha Revesencio (@jonharules)
Don't estimate the power of youth in this completely new world. #smis2013 #trendingforward @maria_ressa
— (@CebuAutoBlog) 
"Passion with discipline is electric" -@maria_ressa #smis2013 #trendingforward
— Marco Paulo (@countocram) 
The market that grows with you stays with you. @moveph #SMIS2013 #TrendingForward
— Rhian Rhymes (@rhianrhymes) 
@maria_ressa ends the discussion with "Tomorrow... Begins Today!" @rapplerdotcom #TrendingForward #SMIS2013…
CebuFinest (@CebuFinest) 

Breakout Session: Social Media for Advocacy
"Social Media for Social Change" by Tonyo Cruz, Social Media Strategist

Myths bloggers should reject its personal, everyone's apathetic,social good ain't good content says Tonyo Cruz #TrendingForward #SMIS2013
jonji y. gonzales (@jonjigonzales)
"We are all Agents of Change" #SMIS2013 #TrendingForward
— RutchaSestoso™ (@SimplyRutcha) 

"Facebook Success Story: How we raised one million pesos in three months" by Maven's Heart Fund Organizer Hannah Almira Amora

"Do not underestimate the influence of any person." - @jonharules #SMIS2013 #TrendingForward @phsocialmedia
— Vic Marion Madriaga (@vicmadz) 

Breakout Session: Social Media for Business"Maximizing the Use of Social Media for your Business" by Ready To Be Reach Technopreneur Fitz Villafuerte

How to get more followers: Tweet-Reply-Retweet. Post-Comment-Regram. Post-Like-Reblog. - @brodfitz #trendingforward #smis2013
SinjinIsTheLibotero (@thelibotero) 

#TrendingForward: Community Trending - Using Social Media to Build an Online Tribe" by Chris Ducker, Virtual CEO of

Be real, be consistent, be helpful, be memorable, be inspiring, be funny, be transparent, be you. #SMIS2013 #TrendingForward
— Roger Cas (@radj) 
Chris Ducker said "were not impressed with your breakfast but link of an article you read, video podcast #TrendingForward #SMIS2013
jonji y. gonzales (@jonjigonzales) 

"Social Media Strategy, Execution and Analytics" by Leah Besa-Jimenez, Head of Digital Dervices, SMART Communications

"Everyone in this room is media" you have the power to amplify your message. Leah Besa-Jimenez, Smart head #SMIS2013 #TrendingForward
jonji y. gonzales (@jonjigonzales)
MONITOR. Its important to listen to what your customer is saying online, Leah Besa-Jimenez of Smart #TrendingForward #SMIS2013
jonji y. gonzales (@jonjigonzales) 
Every piece of material u put out there may offend (at least) one person.-Leah Jimenez @moveph #SMIS2013 #TrendingForward
— Rhian Rhymes (@rhianrhymes)
"We all have social powers, so use it wisely" #SMIS2013 #TrendingForward
— RutchaSestoso™ (@SimplyRutcha)
Did you attended the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013? How was your experience?

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