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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Psycon 2024: Back to the Basics

Last June 29 and 30, AyalaMall Central Bloc in Cebu City hosted Psycon: Back to the Basics; a vibrant event dedicated to hobbyists. This gathering was all about rekindling the enthusiasm and fun we experienced when we first started our hobbies.

The event featured a range of engaging off-stage activities. The crochet workshop attracted many craft lovers, while the Beyblade tournament brought out competitive spirits. There was also the Digimon Card Game which provided a strategic challenge, and the festival games added a fun, nostalgic touch. 

The Artists Alley showcased beautiful artworks, and the Merchant's stalls were brimming with unique items. Meanwhile, the event's special guests and sponsors mingled with the crowd, making the event even more special.

The on-stage activities kept the energy high amongst the crowd. The open mic session kicked things off, followed by trivia games focused on Disney and anime, while the "Guess the Anime Song" game and the voice acting competition showcased incredible talent.

Karaoke with a Broadway musical theme had everyone singing along, and the "Who's That Pokémon?" game was a crowd-pleaser. The "Lipsync for Your Life" competition was a dramatic highlight. Performances by Rena and Qwins were captivating, and panels like Hobby Talk Chika, the Organizer Panel, and the ACHO Panel provided valuable insights and discussions.

Psycon's goal is to bring back the excitement and fun of our early days in our hobbies by holding Back to the Basics, and it achieved just that. The event brought together a diverse group of people, fostering a sense of community and shared passion. Psycon: Back to the Basics was a joyous celebration that reminded us all of the simple pleasures of our hobbies.

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