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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Street Crew 81 support Philippines Queen City 1st year Anniversary

April 15, 2023 commemorates the first ever anniversary party of Street crew 81 Support Philippines Queen City at Barcode Restobar in Gen. Max. Avenue Cebu City. The rumble of motorcycle engines could be heard from miles away from the club as bikers from all over gather together to celebrate their 1st anniversary party.

As the sun began to set, the party really got underway. A band set up on a makeshift stage, blasting out classic rock tunes to a cheering crowd. The dance floor was soon packed with leather-clad riders, their boots stomping out the rhythm on the gravel.

The club's president took to the microphone, thanking everyone for coming out and supporting the club. He spoke about the camaraderie that came with being a member, the shared experiences and sense of belonging that made the club feel like a family. Not only did the club celebrated their first anniversary together but they also celebrated the awarding of the patches to their fellow brothers who had earned their rights to those patches. 

Bikers clubs are steeped in tradition, and one of the most important of these traditions is the awarding of patches to members. These patches represent not only the club itself but also the individual member's role within the club. They are often seen as a badge of honor, a mark of pride and belonging that can only be earned through hard work and dedication.

The patch awarding ceremony is a powerful symbol of the bond that exists between members of a bikers club. It is a time when the club's values and traditions are celebrated, and when new members are welcomed into the fold. For those who receive patches, it is a mark of pride and belonging that they will wear with honor for years to come.

The anniversary party was a true testament to the enduring spirit of the club, a celebration of brotherhood, freedom, and the open road. As the night wound down and the last riders headed home, the memories of the event would stay with them for years to come, a reminder of the bonds that can be forged through a shared love of the motorcycle lifestyle.

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