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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Otaku Guild Events: Resonance

A celebration of anime music for Cebuanos, Resonance; An event organized and overseen by Otaku Guild Events, was held this past January 21, 2023, held at the Palm Grass Heritage Hotel. 

    As a mini concert event, Resonance offers various opportunities and fun activities for everyone to enjoy their favorite anime or Jpop song during the event. Ranging from Concert performances by Jpop performers to their fun singing activities that encouraged everyone to join the moment they hear their favorite songs play on the speakers. 

The Event highlighted three main singing activities, which were mainly contests, each with its own song list and prize pool:

  • Jpop Kareoke contest 
  • Singtonado contest
  • Pass the song challenge

For those who did not join in the actual singing contests and activities, the event also had a couple of mini-games where the winners were rewarded with goody packs filled with various fun anime merch. 

Since this is a mini concert event, Resonance also invited popular Jpop performers to perform on a live stage where they performed various Jpop songs that they had prepared. 

To name these three special performers, we have:

  • Biancanisongs
  • Zera Azraith
  • Rena

Bringing the hype up, all three performers sang and performed wonderfully on stage, 

Aside from singers and fun activities, Resonance also hand-picked a couple of artists to be a part of their artist alley exhibitors, for them to be able to showcase their own works of art. 

Here is the official list of the artists attending the event: 

  • Estrid
  • cocochi
  • haninichuu
  • Don't mind me 

There were also two shops that were invited and were also part of their sponsor list as well: 

  • All time hobby shop
  • Ane-mi Online Shop

Truly it was a whole day full of fun singing activities that would surely leave everyone nostalgic, or even just simply enjoying listening to familiar music that greeted them at the start of every anime they watched. 

Everyone is excited and is looking forward to more Jpop song events in the future. 

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