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Monday, August 21, 2023

ARCHcon: Cosplay Classroom

Cosplay, a delightful blend of "costume" and "play," has grown from a niche hobby to a global phenomenon that brings characters from various realms to life. This past weekend August 19 to 20 at Sm Seaside, enthusiasts in Cebu were treated to an immersive experience at the "Cosplay classroom" organized by Archcon Cebu.

The event aimed to introduce beginners to the world of cosplay, offering insights into the basics, prop-making, and even performance skits. With an impressive lineup of mentors including Seigfred Enero, Steven Atenta, Bardge Restauro, and Ranrick Diaz, participants were in for a memorable and educational journey.

The workshop kicked off with a comprehensive session on the fundamentals of cosplay. Participants were guided through the process of selecting the right character, understanding their costume components, and even delving into the intricate details that often go unnoticed. 

Here are some of the fundamentals discussed:

• Research: Start by researching cosplay and the different styles, techniques, and materials used. Familiarize yourself with the cosplay community and its culture.

• Choose a character: Decide on a character you would like to cosplay as and study their appearance, personality, and backstory to get a clear idea of who they are.

• Plan your costume: Research and gather reference images to help you plan your costume. Decide on the materials and tools you will need to create your costume.

• Start crafting: Start working on your costume, using tutorials, patterns, or your own creative skills. Take your time, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

• Get involved in the cosplay community: Attend cosplay events, join online forums, and participate in cosplay groups to connect with other cosplayers and gain inspiration.

• Have fun: Cosplay is about having fun and bringing your favorite characters to life. Don't stress too much about the finished product, and remember to enjoy the process of creating your costume.

Photo from Archcon Cebu FB Page

One of the most captivating aspects of cosplay lies in the craftsmanship of props. Under the guidance of experienced propsmakers Bardge Restauro and Ranrick Diaz, attendees had the opportunity to explore various materials, techniques, and tools used in creating awe-inspiring props. From intricate weapons to magical artifacts, the mentors shared their expertise, offering hands-on experience and fostering creativity. 

Cosplay is not just about wearing costumes; it's about embodying the character's essence. Seigfred Enero and Steven Atenta, both seasoned performers, took the reins for the performance skit class. Attendees learned how to capture a character's mannerisms, gestures, and emotions, ensuring a convincing portrayal. The mentors emphasized the importance of storytelling, enabling participants to create engaging and entertaining skits that resonate with the audience.

Photo from Archcon Cebu FB Page

The success of the Cosplay Classroom was greatly attributed to the mentors who graciously shared their expertise and passion. Seigfred Enero, a renowned figure in the cosplay community, is celebrated for his theatrical performances that bring characters to life. His co-mentor, Steven Atenta, is equally adept at captivating audiences with his charismatic portrayals.

In the realm of propsmaking, Bardge Restauro and Ranrick Diaz stand out as masters of their craft. Restauro's portfolio boasts an array of impressive props, while Diaz's attention to detail and innovative techniques have earned him a respected place in the industry.

The second day of the workshop brought forth a unique blend of tradition and creativity with the "KosKultura" event. Participants took on the roles of characters and creatures from Filipino and Cebuano folklore, fusing their love for cosplay with a celebration of cultural heritage. This distinctive aspect showcased the transformative power of cosplay as a medium for storytelling and connection.

A panel of esteemed judges from Karakoa Production, Minxie Villaver, and Sharrie Villaver, evaluated the participants' interpretations of folklore characters. The event not only celebrated individual creativity but also emphasized the importance of preserving and reimagining cultural narratives in a contemporary context.

The day culminated in an awarding ceremony that recognized outstanding props makers and impressive skit performances from Day 1. The inclusion of these awards highlighted the diverse skill sets required for successful cosplay and encouraged participants to hone their talents further.

Adding to the event's significance, the Vice Mayor of Cebu made a special appearance in a video segment. Addressing the participants, the Vice Mayor shared insights about the future of cosplay, the significance of Cebu's culture, and upcoming arts initiatives. This message reinforced the importance of embracing and nurturing creativity within the local community.

Archcon Cebu's Cosplay classroom transcended mere instruction; it fostered a sense of community among participants. Attendees exchanged ideas, collaborated on projects, and forged connections that extend beyond the event itself. The workshop highlighted the inclusivity and camaraderie that define the cosplay culture, welcoming newcomers into a supportive network of fellow enthusiasts.

The Cosplay Classroom by Archcon Cebu was more than just a crash course in costume-making and performance. It was an invitation to immerse oneself in the art of embodying beloved characters and narratives, and to explore the endless possibilities of creativity. With mentors like Seigfred Enero, Steven Atenta, Bardge Restauro, and Ranrick Diaz leading the way, participants left the workshop not only with newfound skills but also with a deeper appreciation for the magic of cosplay. Whether attendees aspire to be masterful propsmakers or captivating performers, this workshop provided an invaluable stepping stone on their journey into the world of cosplay.

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