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Monday, December 5, 2022

Toficon 2022

Finally emerging through a 3-year hiatus, Toys and Figures Convention Cebu comes back with a bang! 

Photo by Aldonelbert Banaynal
     Held this past December 4, 2022, at JCentre Mall Mandaue, Toficon gave the opportunity for toy collectors and enthusiasts to converge and display their own collection in their toy exhibit. Toficon's goal from the start is to be an event where Toy/Figures collectors are able to showcase their awesome collection for the public to see. 

This year, however, they spiced it up by adding more Toy related activities and many more. 

Photo by Aldonel Banaynal

The Toy Exhibit will always be the highlight of the event, featuring collections from various groups such as: 

  • Jammers Tiny Toy Cars
  • Cebu Mecha Society
  • Zekki collectibles
  • Aftershirt Adventurer
  • Chamitoys
  • Labmonkeys
  • Da Geek Squad Philippines 
  • Doll collectors of Cebu to the world
  • Visayas Anime Figure Collectors
  • Gunpla Cebu Community

The exhibit portrayed different types of toys and figures, varying from Gunplas to dolls, as well as art toys from toy creators and artists. 
Photo by Cebu Urban Ninja

Photo by Cebu Urban Ninja

Photo by Cebu Urban Ninja

Photo by Cebu Urban Ninja

Photo by Cebu Urban Ninja

Photo by Aldonelbert Banaynal

    Toficon not only invited the toy groups and collectors but as well as given the opportunity for toy sellers and shops to display their wares for the event goers to view. With Christmas looming around the corner, anyone who comes through the event will definitely come out with a toy or figure for their own or as a gift to a loved one for the holidays. The pop-up shops that attended the event were:

  • Labmonkeys
  • AE's Toy Store
  • Popholic/ Chamitoys 
  • Zaku Cebu 
  • Just Toys
  • Himawari Kospurei Shoppe

This year, Toficon still featured a select group of artists that they featured in their artist's alley to show support for the community; the attendees were: 

  • The Con Artists
  • Cool Novelty Shop
  • Hontakai & Aqueousbloop
  • Unnamed Drawers
  • SS and Sector 5
  • Cebu Urban Ninja 

Photo by Aldonelbert Banaynal

Photo by Aldonelbert Banaynal

This year, the event added video games tournament in the mix, given they had games tournaments in the past event like the pokemon go tournaments, 2022 they made it even bigger by inviting Orient FGC to host the fighting game tournaments as well as open casuals for anyone who wants to play. 

The event also featured a collection from Game Center Jun, wherein they had portrayed a few of the older arcade and retro games wherein anyone was free to play for how long they pleased. 

Toficon also welcomed cosplayers into the event. Even though there wasn't any official cosplay competition, the organizers still awarded those cosplayers who wore their cosplays the best during the event.

Photo by Aldonelbert Banaynal

Photo by Aldonelbert Banaynal

Photo by Aldonelbert Banaynal

Winner of Toy Photography Contest | Photo by Jurdan Ho

Listed below are the other activities that they had all throughout the day: 

Photo from Toys and Figures Convention Cebu FB Page

The event was also featured in two local newspapers; Banat news and The Freeman, as well as was featured in an online article with eSports Inquirer

With this year's success, The Toficon organizers guarantee that they will come back next year with more and bigger plans than before! 

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