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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Smashback 2022

It has been a while since we have seen any action from the Fighting game community. 

    Ever since the pandemic started and left everyone stuck at home, it does feel nostalgic to play in person. Sure online play is an option that a lot of fighting games offer, and sure it is decent enough that you get to play with a lot of players not just within your area but all throughout the country or even outside of the country. 

But nothing compares to the sweet nostalgic feeling of just laying back and seeing your opponent just right beside you, with the restrictions of the internet connection gone and the lag not being a reason as to why you were not able to complete your combo move. 

And hence why Orient FGC, a Cebu Fighting game community decided to bring back its annual Smash Offline tournament. 

    In one of CXG's Geek panel podcasts, Orient FGC announced and marketed their upcoming event: Smashback 2022, inviting not only players who wanted to join in the competition but as well as those players who just simply miss the fun of being able to play live with friends in a shared setting. 

    Held last October 8, 2022, Smashback 2022 featured Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the competition, bringing Smash players altogether for a one-day event where everyone can either mingle with each other or crush each other in a friendly match if you're playing casually of course. 

The competition got heated up right near the end of the event wherein the best of the best players clashed heads as to who gets to be the winner and take home the prize. The competition also included a loser's bracket, wherein the losing players get a chance to be a wild card and enter the final round. It was a close call but in the end, it was a fair fight. 

Posted below are the match-ups and results of each round:

Regardless if you were in the competition or just playing casuals, or just watching the whole competition from start to end, it is no doubt this is something that we have all missed and craved. 

There are future projects to come with more games involved coming from Orient FGC, and we are all excited to attend and join in! 

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