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Thursday, September 8, 2022

ETC Inc. Expo 2022

    Exotics Team Cebu Inc. held an exotic pet exhibit in Parkmall Cebu this past August 26 and 27, 2022.

Featuring a wide variety of exotic pets, the exhibit not only showed how gorgeous these animals are but also educated people on how to take good care of these animals properly. 

    Exotics Team Cebu Inc. has been founded 3 years ago by Exotic pet hobbyist Ruddi Russell Abad out of his passion for keeping exotic animals, and the group has grown since then into a thriving community of keepers and is now considered the first legal exotic pet keep organization in Cebu. 

They have also recently announced one of their biggest milestones, that they are now officially a professional animal show organizer, with the event held in Parkmall as one of their many events to come. 

    Taking care of a dog or a cat is one thing, but taking care of an exotic animal is another. There are things we may know or may not know about how to take care of an exotic animal, and that is what ETC's goal is. 

   The Group's goal is to educate both the public and the community through these events to publicly expose how to properly handle an exotic animal, from enclosures, to daily care as well as in times when the animal itself is sick. One of ETC's goals as well. is to unite exotic pet keepers, especially the ones located in Cebu, in order to build organized support for keepers around the Island. 

Hence why the group made an effort in partnering with Pet shops, Breeders, and even veterinarians to ensure that their members get all the help and support they need with their exotic pets as well as to have the proper information to educate the public during their public expositions like what they have done in their most recent expo. 

It is truly a sight to behold seeing a community with such passion grow into something meaningful, and thankfully we will be seeing more of ETC Inc in more Pet Expos to come. 

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