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Monday, May 16, 2022

Pet Festival Philippines 2022

 Pet festival Philippines is back to conquer 2022! 

    One of the largest pet gathering events in Cebu is back in Parkmall for this year featuring a variety of events that both pet lovers and mall guests to enjoy! 

            Starting off with various displays of pet-related stuff, numerous pet shops participated in the event by featuring their best sellers for pet lovers to choose from.

            Aside from the pet shops and store owners, various communities from every type of pet have joined the event as well to show their support for the Pet Festival, like Metro Cebu Cavias Club and Alliance of Cebu rabbit raisers who brought their guinea pigs and rabbits to the event, as well as Cebu Aquascapes who presented their best aquarium set up for all fish lovers out there to enjoy watching and maybe even get inspired to create their own aquarium display. 

            Of course, we cannot forget about the exotics group of the animal kingdom! The exotics group had brought to the Pet festival their beloved snakes and reptiles for everyone to enjoy, whether you'd like to watch from afar or you're brave enough to step up and hold one of their snakes is totally up to you!

    These are just some of the stuff that anyone can find here at the Pet festival Philippines, there are many more events in the next few days such as the Parade of pets, American bully show, the Great hamster race, and of course we cannot forget the pet festival  Pawhionista show where pet lovers and their furry babies will be strutting the catwalk featuring their most gorgeous attire for the pet festival's theme for this year. 

And many more exciting features to come! 

The Pet festival will be held in Parkmall from May 16, 2022, to May 22, 2022, with many special events each day! 

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