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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Cebu Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts: Tinuplokay 2022


 Whether it's the noisy keyboards or you prefer the quiet ones, there is no denying that we all love and adore the satisfying click of a mechanical keyboard against our fingertips. 
    Last April 23, 2022, Cebu Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts held "Tinuplokay 2022", an event in which all Mech keyboard enthusiasts of Cebu gathered together to showcase their beloved keyboards after a very long hiatus from events due to the pandemic and the restrictions it has on social events. Of course, the organizers did their best to ensure that everyone still followed protocol, like social distancing, handing out gloves and sanitizers to their visitors who wanted to test out the keyboards that were showcased.

Event-goers had a blast, especially from all of the mechanical keyboards that each member had brought out for the competition, showcasing each skilled assembly as well as the aesthetics of each one. Varying from the vintage ones up to the more ergonomic and highly customized modern versions of the keyboards we see today. 

    Of course, it wouldn't be complete if the guests wouldn't even be able to get their hands on those keyboards and test them out themselves! After handing out clean, safety gloves, event-goers were able to test out how clicky each and every keyboard showcased in the event. 

      And an event wouldn't be complete if there wasn't any fun and games involved! A speed typing game was held in the midst of the event as well as a keyboard trivia game for the crowd to participate in. Awesome prizes were handed out to the deserving winners, one who had the fastest typing skill and the other who knows a lot about keyboard-related facts. 

        The fun never stopped, organizers were giving out a lot of freebies and giveaways to event-goers, varying from stickers, to mugs, and even a mystery box with a special prize inside that was stashed inside of the goodie bags that they had given to everyone.

The event closed out beautifully with the grand raffle draw as well as the award ceremony, which awarded well-deserving mechanical keyboards, varying from the best-themed keyboard, to the best-customized switch, the certificates were awarded to each and everyone who deserved the titles. 

    Truly it had been a great and successful event, and we are all looking forward to more meet-ups, gatherings, and events to come!