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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Archon 2019

I’m not someone you would consider as a regular con-goer. Sure, I’ve been to a con or two, but I never really took these things too seriously. I mean, if you’re going to charge me an entry fee, there better be a good reason. I did, however, attend last year’s Archon, and it left me wanting more. So I decided to give Archon 2019 a chance.

Right off the bat, the entryway was a sight to behold. You know how in Isekai anime, the main character is typically transported to a new world via a portal, wormhole, or whatever it’s called. I’m pretty sure this is how it would have felt. One moment I was outside, in line, waiting to get in. Suddenly, I’m somewhere completely new.

The next few moments become a whirlwind of emotions. The buzz, the excitement, and the crowd takes you. I ran into the collection of shops, all offering everything an enthusiast could ever want. Posters of every anime, movie or pop group you could name. Toys and memorabilia of all the classic and newest anime. Figurines, dolls, and collectibles, all for me to pick and choose!

Once I found my way out of the shops, I stumbled the gamers. And not just your average play-at-home gamers. I mean hardcore gamers who have dedicated years of their lives and hard-earned money to collecting, fixing and even creating video games! I have to admit, I lingered a little too long around this area. I may not be a gamer, but video games will always draw me in.

I finally peeled myself away from the collection of video games and found a crow so large, that it made me feel claustrophobic! My immediate reaction was to stay away, but curiosity got the best of me. So like the fool that I am, I dove in headfirst. I apparently stumbled into the artist alley. I’m not much of an artist myself, but it was simply amazing to see all of the art that was being showcased. It had everything from fan art to originals. It was fun watching the collectors go from table to table, carefully selecting the piece they want, then purchasing those pieces. The best part was when the artist and their fans interacted. You could tell how tired, yet grateful both sides were. This was what I thought the best part of Archon was.

The rest of Archon was just as great. The collections of dolls, figures, and miniatures were amazing. I could tell that those people loved what they collected, and it was a big part of who they were. This is what Archon was all about. Sharing your hobbies and passions. Talking to people who understand that your hobby is more than just a hobby, that the amount of time you took to paint your figures, build your costume, or swinging your lightsaber was more than just a waste of time. It was time well spent.

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