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Monday, July 1, 2019

The Success to Skin Care Routine

Destination wedding all time bucket list of today’s generation. We wished our wedding fantasies would become reality, people who are into wedding themes probably had wished to get married against the famous cobalt blue roofs of Santorini? Or live your wedding fairytale dreams surrounded by surreal art and architecture in Spain? Or perhaps delivering your wedding vows atop a cliff in Bali overlooking the Indian Ocean?

In every destination, our skin also struggles due to changing weather conditions. Travelling usually affects the skin balance—plus the stress which affects the hormone levels. Less worry because here are the do’s and don’ts to achieve and maintain the glowing, youthful skin before you say, “I Do.”

The Skin Flight Preparation

For every dream wedding comes a huge preparation, also comes with a huge responsibility to also look good on your big day.

Do: Bring face sun creams and SPF lotions. Wearing sunscreen is not only used for the tropics, but also for the cold and cloudy locations. Products with SPF will protect you from UVB and UVA light rays which you can get from snow, sun, and sand. This is a must-have to add to your skin care travel kit now.

Don't: Apply too many sun creams. The skin pores in your face can be irritated and make you look oily. You also need to make sure that the sun creams and SPF lotions you will buy match your skin type to avoid irritation.

Keep your skin Hydrated and Exfoliated

Skin hydration is as important as you are making it through your flight destination.

Do: Besides getting enough water, choose a product that will keep your skin not just exfoliated and hydrated but will also repair your glowing skin for long haul trips and travel. Handy product like Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream rejuvenates your skin from your traveling hours. It lessens wrinkles, removes dead skin cells, prevents dry skin, and helps your skin pores breathe from clogged pores so to maintain your glowing skin despite the long travel hours and changing weather.

Don't: No need to burden your luggage with extra large amount of skincare products. Get a trusty product you swear by that can give you the benefits of hydration and anti-aging all in one go.

The Glowing Skin

The bride, the goddess of them all. As you walk down the aisle, everyone’s eyes are on you. Before the “I do,” on the wedding, and on to the honeymoon tour, the glow must not take out the spotlight of the bride.

Do: Small breakouts can appear anytime, and chances of uneven skin tone can damage your bridal look. Don't worry as you can prevent this trouble with the help of Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence. It's a dual whitening result for natural and luminous fairness skin that will moisturize and help you radiate that "no-make-up" look. It also helps prevents breakout whether in sunny or cold weather conditions.

Don't: Don’t use skincare products you’ve just learned about – even with promise of glow. The change of weather already affects the hormone levels, so go after a trusted brand you’ve known for a long time to lessen the risk of getting red spots, parched skin, and breakouts.

Your most awaited dream that now turned into reality is just about to make more memories on years to come. So make a vow to your to yourself to be your best beautiful on this day forward.

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