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Thursday, July 11, 2019

NESTLÉ launches Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service that allows you to recycle your Used Beverage Cartons

8 July 2019, MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Parents can now take their families on the path towards sustainability. To help Filipino families directly take part in efforts to achieve a more nutritious and more sustainable future, NESTLÉ recently launched its NESTLÉ Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Baon Subscription on, the first ever subscription and delivery service of well-loved NESTLÉ Ready-To-Drink Baon Brands - CHUCKIE, MILO Ready-To-Drink, BEAR BRAND YOGU – and the country’s #1 Fresh Milk Range – NESTLÉ Fresh Milk, NESTLÉ Low-Fat Milk, and NESTLÉ Non-Fat Milk.

During the launch of NESTLÉ’s Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Baon Subscription Service, representatives from NESTLÉ, and Tetra Pak explained the mechanics of this first of its kind offering in the Philippines.

Through its new Ready-To-Drink Baon Subscription powered by, NESTLÉ aims to be every household’s partner in raising a healthier and more sustainable future for kids. This is made possible by providing children with healthy and nutritious on-the-go beverages, and through the subscription service that allows consumers to upcycle their used beverage cartons through NESTLÉ’s partner recycling facility, thereby extending their useful life.

“Through this subscription service, families also now have the option of returning their empty drink cartons for recycling whenever their monthly order is delivered to them; this starts on their 2nd month of subscription. The empty drink cartons collected will be brought to a recycling facility wherein the paper pulp extracted from cartons can be turned into paper-based products such as notebooks, wrapping paper, etc. while polymers and aluminium can be combined to become roofing sheets,” said Diane Ibay-Raza, Environment Manager, Tetra Pak Philippines. 

Through Nestle’s RTD Baon Subscription service, the Used Beverage Cartons collected will go through the recycling process so that it can take a 2nd life as other valuable products. 

NESTLÉ RTD’s subscription service is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is a testament to NESTLÉ’s untiring efforts to be there for Filipino families in their quest for a sustainable lifestyle that answers their needs as well as aspirations.

Besides taking families to the green path, this new subscription service offers a convenient, efficient, and hassle-free way of purchasing Filipino kids’ baon must-haves. Automatic replenishment means not having to worry about running out of baon, while doorstep delivery means not having to put up with horrible traffic and long lines at the grocery counter. For added convenience, a variety of widely accepted payment options are available, including credit cards and cash on delivery. Best of all, subscribers can look forward to regular freebies, gifts, and deals.

“We know that Filipino parents aspire to create a sustainable future for their families, and they are increasingly aware that the path to this begins with them. NESTLÉ would like to be with them in this, and the RTD subscription service allows them to take part in these efforts while fulfilling their day-to-day needs,” said Veronica Cruz, Business Unit Manager of NESTLÉ Ready-To-Drink portfolio.

Indeed, NESTLÉ is every parent's ally in raising a healthier and more sustainable future for their family. Together, let’s choose the pack that gives back. Try the RTD subscription service today at

Diane Ibay-Raza, Tetra Pak Philippines Environment Manager, also gave a demonstration on how beverage cartons go through the recycling process and showcased some of the products that can be made from Used Beverage Cartons.


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