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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Philips Monitors Partners with Twentieth Century Fox for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Philips Monitors, a global leader in innovative displays, partners with Twentieth Century Fox to promote the release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix in the Philippines.

Select Cebu bloggers and media members were invited to watch the much-anticipated finale of the recent X-Men movies. X-Men: Dark Phoenix continues the story of X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse.

Philips Monitors has always been for the enjoyment of its consumers. It dedicates its business in delivering the best displays for casuals and professionals alike.

With Twentieth Century Fox, Philips Monitors continues to bring technology and people together, this time through entertainment and film-viewing. This exciting new film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, is perfect not only for the big screen, but in Philips displays as well. The film’s special effects are fully realized in Philips’ high-definition monitors.

Philips Monitors Marketing Manager for the Philippines Jack Salamia talked about the growing partnership between Philips Monitors and Twentieth Century Fox. He then unveiled the showcased display units, the E9 curved monitor series, the 32” version of which being raffled off to the media partners who attended.

About X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix follows the story of the X-Men, a group of mutants with superpowers, specifically one of their members, the telepathic Jean Grey. During a mission in outer space, Jean absorbs a mysterious cosmic force that amplifies her mutant powers. Her newfound strength leads her to lose control and become an entity known as the Dark Phoenix. Her growing power posed a threat not only to the X-Men, but also to the world. Now the X-Men has to stop their friend and former teammate from unleashing chaos – but with it comes a heavy price.

Snag these awesome X-Men Merchandise

Aside from the movie screening, Philips Monitors also have nationwide cross-promotional activities for consumers. Customers who would purchase any of the participating models of monitors will receive a premium item. Such items include premium X-MEN: Dark Phoenix themed jackets, backpacks, suit shirts and collectible figurines.


Premium Items
4K Ultra HD, IPS, Built-in-Speakers, SmartConnect
X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Jacket
Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, Built-in-Speakers
X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Backpack
Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, VA
X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Suit Tshirt
ADS-IPS, Full HD, Built-in-Speakers, HDMI
X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Suit Tshirt
Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, Ultra Wide-Color
X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Figurine
VA, AMD Free-Sync, Full HD, Ultra Narrow Bezel
X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Figurine
MVA, Wide Viewing Angle, HDMI
X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Figurine

The promotion is valid until June 15, 2019, and any purchase of the above models are eligible for the promotion when purchased in any of the following Cebu participating dealers:
  • HYW - Cebu 
  • PC Quickbuys - SM Cebu
  • Joyo Mktg - APM Mall Cebu
  • ThinkingTools@mall - SM Cebu

Featured Monitor: The 328E9QJAB

Showcased in the premiere was the Philips 328E9QJAB, a 31.5” Curved Monitor with AMD Free-Sync and sleek, narrow bezels. Its ultrawide display allows for comfortable viewing at any angle. It also uses advanced technology that lessens the strain it may cause the viewer’s eyes, letting you extend your Sunday night movie marathons.

328E9QJAB Specifications 

Panel Size: 31.5”
Resolution: 1920x1080
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 5ms
Chipset Ready: AMD Freesync 
Vesa Mount: 100x100
Connectivity: VGA, HDMI, Audio In & Out

The 328E9QJAB is part of Philips’ E9 series of monitors, which is available in 24”, 28” and 31.5” models.

Learn more about Philips Monitors at

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