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Monday, June 24, 2019

Crystal Clear Hi-Res Audio Sound That Harmonizes With Your Home Interior

Introducing the new Sony Glass Sound Speaker

  • Produce a cozy atmosphere with the Glass Sound Speaker’s crystal clear Hi-Res Audio Sound that will fill the room
  • Access your favorite music with the touch of a button thanks to Spotify Connect
  • Create a relaxing mood with elegant, interior matching design and illumination

(Manila, Philippines | June 24, 2019) – Sony has announced today the new Glass Sound Speaker, the LSPX-S2. A minimalistic and elegant portable home speaker that uses its design to produce stunning sound quality.

Crystal clear sound

Get authentic, crystal clear sound that will fill every corner of the room thanks to Sony’s unique Advanced Vertical Drive Technology that makes the speaker reproduce 360-degree sound. The organic glass body itself vibrates after being tapped by the actuator just under it to spread the sound vertically in a 360-degree direction. The organic glass tube tweeter has a wider surface (compared to conventional speakers) to create crystal clear sound with minimal loss of volume. Additionally, the speaker is Hi-Res Audio compatible which aims at letting you hear the music the way the artist intended.

Elegant design

Blend your speaker seamlessly into your home thanks to the speaker’s subtle design and finish. Whatever your interior design, the Glass Sound Speaker is a beautiful addition to your home.

Enhance the atmosphere of your home with the candlelight mode. This illumination sets a relaxing atmosphere to convert your house into a calming space to get away from it all.

Easy listening
The Glass Sound Speaker has a small, compact body with 8 hours battery life so you can use it anywhere in the home. Whether you are having a cozy family get-together or having a moment peace to yourself, this speaker has you covered.

It couldn’t be simpler to play music on the Glass Sound Speaker. With BLUETOOTH® connectivity you can quickly pair your smartphone to your speaker to kickstart your relaxing retreat. The speaker is also NFC One-Touch compatible for even faster and more convenient pairing. Thanks to the “Push & Play” function, just press the dedicated button on the speaker to stream songs via Spotify Connect1 with no need to go through your phone to access your music. You can also use Wireless Multi-room to connect with up to 10 other compatible Sony audio devices over Wi-Fi. Create a Wireless Multi-room and transform every room into a serene space.


The LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker will be available in select dealer outlets in the Philippines starting June 28, 2019.

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