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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mobile Games We Recommend Part 1

Mobile gaming is currently dominated by competitive play, ranging from MOBA, FPS, MMO and not long ago Strategic RNG like Clash of Clans. While there is nothing wrong with that, some of us would want to game at our own pace. There is no shortage of games to be found in the Playstore, it might take a while to find the one you will like. So we came up with a list to help your game as soon as possible.



by: Hidden Variable Studios
If you are a fan of fighting games stop reading and download this game. Skullgirls offers a smooth animation, gesture base control and an array of quirky characters that you can choose from.



Sdorica Sunset

by: Rayark Studios
Sdorica is a side-scrolling RPG game with very high-quality graphics, if there's such thing as a AAA title for a mobile game, this would definitely qualify. But what makes Sdorica Sunset a standout is its battle mechanics "turn base tile matching" just imagine JRPG cross with Candy Crush.



Night of the full Moon

by: Giant Interactive Group Inc
The free chapter of the game is quite short and you could probably finish in less than an hour, but it's enough to make you want to buy the rest of it (it's not that expensive anyway). The art of the game is simple and it perfectly fits its gameplay. This the only card based RPG in this list, but do give it a try, who knows it might surprise you.

Pay to unlock other classes



by: Mobge
PLATFORMER!! Another well-polished game, with cute character design, fluid animation and some story to boot, the controls feels great the gesture base mechanics make it intuitive and fun. This game should be installed in flagship demo phones

Also, this is just speculation on our end but maybe Oddmar is wordplay for "Odd Mario".

Pay to unlock other levels


Soul Knight

by: ChillyRoom
Think dungeon crawler but with guns and other odd weapons! If you are worried about your accuracy on a fast phase shooting game, the game has aim assist so you can worry less about aiming and think a little more about your positioning. Interestingly this could even be a party game of four as it provides a multiplayer option up to four people.


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  1. Great list! Love that you indicated the monetization part.