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Saturday, January 12, 2019

My Experience with Kaiser Medical Center SM City Cebu (Mabolo)

After going through two surgeries, 6 cycles of chemo, and numerous hospital stays, I opted to switch to a plant-focused diet and I'm proud to say I rarely get sick now. In the past, just being exposed to hot weather or pollution would result to sinusitis infection accompanied by fevers and chills that would last for weeks.

2013 onward, the only health issue I struggled with is my chronic sinusitis. However, October last year, I experienced a very dramatic moment where I thought I had a mini stroke (if such a condition existed)

What really happened?

I was already in my office in Crossroads Banilad when I started to notice the "weird sensation" and being the anxious person that I am, I panicked and started to cry. Good thing Kaiser Medical Center already has a branch in SM City Cebu so I booked a motocycle taxi and went to their clinic!

In less than 30 mins, I arrived in SM which was great because I was by myself and at the point of having a mental breakdown. It's embarrassing to admit these things as most people know me for being a strong independent woman. But yeah, I go nuts sometimes 😂

It wasn't too busy at the clinic so I was attended to immediately. The doctor is really handsome! Hahahaha

Anyway, when he checked me, he didn't find anything serious, but I wouldn't believe him (I'm so ashamed of myself) so he requested a couple of laboratory exams to help my mind be at peace. We did chest x-ray, urinalysis, and blood tests to check for cholesterol level and electrolytes.

Most of the labs he requested were done at Kaiser except for one which the staff forwarded to another lab so I don't have to do it. How convenient!

After all my labs were done, I went back to my office and continued working. I was away for like 2 hours only.

In my history of being sick, I would average half a day waiting time. Imagine calling in sick for work, but you are required to submit a med cert so you spend half of your waking day lining up at a doctor's clinic or OPD instead of resting?

To continue my praning* story, all my laboratory exam results pointed that I was perfectly healthy. The doctor even commended my good cholesterol levels.

The reason I was experiencing that weird sensation was because I over massaged my shoulders and back the night before 😂

This is really embarrassing, but it's better to look like I'm overreacting than to neglect my symptoms and they turn out to be something serious. Like from stomach bloating to cancer? Trust me, I learned this the hard way (but that's another story).

I'm really happy Kaiser Medical Center finally opened. It's very accessible for Cebu City residents and workers. You can even do your groceries or watch a movie while waiting for your laboratory results. More information about Kaiser Medical Center is below.

About Kaiser Medical Center 

The medical clinic and laboratory of Kaiser Health Group Int’l caters to a wide array of diagnostic and medical care services.
  • Consultation and preventive care
  • Executive check-up
  • Pre-employment examination
  • Annual physical examination
  • Diagnostics and laboratory services
  • Digital radiography
The SM City Cebu branch is located on the 2nd Level, near the Government Services Center and is open to both Kaiser International members and walk-in customers. For your laboratory needs, reach them at 342-7133 / 236-237.

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