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Friday, November 23, 2018

First Cebu Vegan Collaboration Festival Coming This 2019

The first Vegan Collaboration Festival(VCF) in Cebu

The intention of this festival is to empower everyone to have a conscious lifestyle in connection with the food, protecting animals and environment. SHEM(Self Health Empowerment Movement - Cebu) and Diviners Center(Vietnam) are happy to co-organize the first Vegan Collaboration Festival in Cebu.


- Education on how to be healthy with vegan diet, raw foods
- Spreading meditation, yoga, Transforming Art, dancing which are the tools to transform everyone to have a happy life.
- Raise the compassion with animals
- Raise awareness for protecting environment
- Raise charity fund for health empowering education for the people.


- Enjoy delicious health foods from vegan/ vegetarian restaurants
- Shopping of health food products, organic products, fresh fruits and vegetables, vegan products from different sources
- Meeting with lovely friends who love vegan diet and live with a conscious lifestyle.
- Meditation
- Yoga
- Dancing (Zumba, Ballet, Free Dance)
- Learn Vegan Cooking from Chefs of Vegan Restaurants
- Cacao ceremony
- Listen to the sharing from a Holistic Doctor, Spiritual Indian Master:
+ “The Basics of Health” by Dr. Romy (founder of SHEM and Wellnessland Health Institute)
+ “Importance of Vegan and Meditation” and “Conscious Family” by Master Ojas Oneness (founder of Diviners Center in Vietnam and India)
+ “Yogi lifestyle” by Master Mukesh Joyful (Yoga and Meditation Master from India)


***January 5
9:00 am: Opening ceremony with FLASHMOB dance
9:30 am: Dr. Romy ( SHEM Introduction and the reason why we organize VCF)
9:45 am: Sharers: Dr.Romy, Ojas Oneness, Mukesh, Windy, Regel, Representative of Inner Space, Representative of some yoga studios,
11:30 am: “The Basics of Health” by Dr.Romy
12:30 am: Free dancing
1:00 pm: “Importance of Meditation and Vegan Diet” by Master Ojas Oneness
2:00 pm Meditation
2:15 pm: Music Healing and therapy dancing (the same time Raw Cooking demo in kitchen)
3:15 pm: “Yogi Lifestyle” by Master Mukesh 
4:30 pm: “Conscious couple and family” by Ojas Oneness
5:30 pm: Zumba dancing with Mukesh Joyful (the same time Vegan cooking demo with Reza in kitchen)
6:15 pm: Meditation
6:30 pm: Guests OPEN SPACE conversations
8:30 pm: Ballet performance and free dancing
9:00 pm: Light off

***January 6:
8:30 am: Yoga with Mukesh Joyful
9:30 am: Zumba and free dancing
10:00 am: “Protecting Environment”
10:30 am: Vegan couple sharing from Mr & Mrs. Lim
11:00 am: Vegan date
1:00 pm: “Simplicity of Happiness and Peace” – by Ojas Oneness
2:00 pm: Animal protecting (the same time vegan cooking with Mrs. Lim)
3:00 pm: “ “ – Dr. Romy
4:00 pm: Closing ceremony with music performance and free dancing.
4:45 pm: Meditation
5:00 pm: See you in next festival

Time: Jan 5 9AM-9PM, Jan 6 8:30AM-5PM
Venue: UP high scholl, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City

Ticket: 500pesos/person (the ticket include all activities for 2 days: workshops of Dr.Romy, Ojas Oneness, Mukesh Joyful, yoga, meditation. dancing, vegan cooking, ...)
Online registration(pay online):
Register (receive offline ticket):
Ticket at door is 600Php/ticket
Contact: 0943 396 3633 (Ms. Linh)


SHEM is an all-volunteer organization engaged in self health empowerment. SHEM works to manifest the vision of a love based health care system. We believe that a combination of doing, thinking, having and being is a powerful formula in realizing the vision of an empowering healthcare system that is built by the people and for the people, a healthcare system that is empowering and a healthcare system that brings back the truth that our body is “Intelligence” because it is Divinely designed. Administration of this all-volunteer organization gives volunteers from all walks of life, from all denominations and affiliations and from all races the opportunity to grow through selfless action.


Diviners organization was founded in the year 2014 in India by Ojas Oneness. formed to show the path of enlightenment through the Arts & Meditation. Diviners's platform is to unite all awakened artists & consciousness people from around the world to give support to world peace & Celebration of Life. These are the four important topics in Diviners org : health consciousness, environmental consciousness, creativity consciousness, enlightenment consciousness
Diviners Activities are designed to support people to be healthier and more creative in the day to day life where they can express freedom of life and constantly grows their enlightenment conscious.

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