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Monday, July 9, 2018

First Cebu Animation Contest by Qualfon Winners

Photo by Qualfon Philippines

It's a wrap! The first Cebu Animation Contest comes to an amazing close. The winners we're announced and their work featured during the Sugbu Entertainment Expo last June 2018 and winners were awarded the cash prize at the Qualfon Cebu Site on July 6, 2018.

Organized by the Cebu Animation Guild (CAG) and Qualfon Philippines, this contest started during a momentous meeting of CAG President Emot Amodia and Joslyn Canon of Qualfon. Local animators both students and professionals joined this contest to not just win the cash prize, to prove and showcase that Cebu has the skill and talent to provide high end animation to the rest of the world.

We at CXG were astonished at the talent of these young animators as their work screened during the awarding ceremony. So much potential, the future of the Cebu animation industry lies in the hands of these young gifted animators who poured time, effort, and passion to their projects.

As they keep pointing out that this is the first, we're very excited that there will be a second one enthusiastic to see more of the local talent feature their creativity.

Below are the list of winners in each of the categories and the artists involved in bringing the shorts to life.


1st Prize: KAWIT NHS Entry# 10 - Medal
Kristian Rhey Olarte, Jobert Villo, John Ray Pangahin, Edelyn Gullod, Lee Vincent Barro, Hazel Ann Cuyos, Catherine Parilla, Richard Tumabini, Sherly Jane Poderanan, Pablo Mancao Jr.

2nd Prize: UC Banilad Entry #15 - Laro
, Geena Marie Parce, Dominique Bustillo, Kristine Marie Omolon, Madelle Cundangan, Chris Godwin Regidor

3rd Prize: UC Banilad Entry #13 - Bring me back to Sugbo
Joash Miguel G. Dandan, Charles William D. Catingub, Marck Alfred R. Tinoy


1st Prize: Film and Media Arts International FMA Entry #1 - Alistair 
Gray Grandeza

2nd Prize: Film and Media Arts International FMA Entry #4 - Hush 
Emearlson Roy L. Calijan Jr.

3rd Prize: Film and Media Arts International FMA Entry #3 - After Midnight
Dagmar Uy


1st Prize: Emmanuel Vasquez Jr Entry #2 - Connect

2nd Prize: Emottoons Animation Studio Entry #3 - Responsibility
Jenny Camacho, Stephen Vincent Ediza, Royet Alloro, Warren Ortiga

3rd Prize: Emottoons Animation Studio Entry #2 - Alien in IT Park
Sheen Ponce, Enri Caputol, Servando Tumbiga, Jefferson Barong, Juvee Lee Labiste

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