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Friday, June 1, 2018

Mega Cebu holds special meeting with Tholons CEO

Mr. Avinash Vashistha (center) met with Mega Cebu leaders last May 17, 2018 to discuss about digital transformation and adoption in the LGU level. He is joined by (from left to right) Liloan Mayor Christina Frasco, Cordova Mayor Mary Therese Sitoy-Cho, MCDCB FABCom on ICT & KM Chair Ms. Charis Fiel, and MCDCB RPOD PMO Executive Director Ms. Evelyn Nacario-Castro.
After Tholons, a London-based based strategic consulting and investment advisory firm, dropped Cebu City’s ranking as the top outsourcing destinations in the world from 7th in 2016 to 12th in 2017, its CEO Mr. Avinash Vashistha paid Cebu another visit.

Mega Cebu, in partnership with IBM and Cebu IT-BPM Organization (CIB.O) held a special meeting between Mr. Vashistha and the Mega Cebu local chief executives on May 17, 2018 at the Grand Convention Center.

Cebu City was declared by Tholons, as the top outsourcing destination in the year 2008. However, when Tholons incorporated digital transformation and innovation in the criteria, Cebu’s standing dropped to 8th in 2015, 7th in 2016 and 12th in 2017, eliminating the city from the top 10 outsourcing destinations.

This setback substantiated the need for Cebu to be more competitive in the world stage in terms of technology advancement and innovation. Mr. Vashistha remarked that the Philippines, along with India, has the largest IT-BPM industry in the world where 1.2 million people are employed.

Philippines has been able to train at least a million people in the industry every 18 months with work directed towards foreign nationals who have key leaders worldwide. As a big opportunity unfolds, 260 million jobs in the industry globally have been made available. But how will we be able to take on this considering that there are other nations vying for the position?

According to Mr. Vashistha, the country should optimize the workforce by enhancing their skills in robotic processed automation/consumer relation, data analytics, mobile app testing, digital marketing and innovation. With regards to the government, he emphasized that Metro Cebu, especially that of the City of Cebu should do something to promote entrepreneurship and start ups. While the industry on the other hand, should include innovation and start ups as part of their operations.

“If we want to be competitive, we really need to catch up” said Mr. Wilfredo Sa-a Jr, Executive Director of CIB.O in his welcome address. In the end, Mr. Vashistha encouraged Mega Cebu leaders to inculcate digital transformation and innovation to support the IT-BPM because the industry itself is enabled and powered by technology.

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