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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Takeoff at Wingers Unlimited

The place was highly recommended by a few fellow food lovers so a couple of friends and I went there to try them out.  We were initially going to be 5 or 6 in number but a few of our other office mates had matters to deal with and had to skip this outing.  That left my usual office partners in crime, Sam and Aimee, who accompanied me in this possibly food-coma inducing excursion.

The deal is you pick the unlimited chicken with rice and whether you want to add unlimited drinks or just get drinks by the bottle.  You also get a side of fries as an option but to save space in your belly, skip the rice and fries to go directly to the main event which is the chicken.  You have 5 flavors: Sgt. Garlic Pepper, Col. Sweet Mustard, Major Barbecue, Private Plain, and John Doe.

I got there around 530PM and there was already a line of people waiting their turn to scarf down some luscious chicken.  My companions were late because apparently, one of them thought that this place was along Escario Street for some reason. XD  Anyhow, I waited for them to arrive and when they did, we put ourselves on a list and indicated the number of people in our party. We initially put ourselves down for a party of 6 but due to unforeseen circumstances, the party was reduced to a trio.

The restaurant had these WWII-inspired pictures spread out around the entire place.  I would have taken pics of the other ones but that would have meant disturbing other diners.  I'll see about that when I next visit this place.  The photo you see was right above our table and it's of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.  It's a really cool looking plane and I really like the schematic drawing.

This was the first of 3 or 4 orders we had and each order was scrumptiously heavenly.  Pictured are Major Barbecue up top, Sgt. Garlic Pepper on the lower left, and Col. Sweet Mustard on the right.  My favorites were the Col. Sweet Mustard and the Sgt. Garlic Pepper.  We unfortunately were not able to try the Private Plain because we thought that it was just plain fried chicken.  We later found out that it was plain chicken but drenched in butter...  Another flight into this place is necessary for... research purposes.

The aftermath of our first flight into this restaurant.  I must say that we were extremely stuffed and happy.  We could have gone for 1 more order but having rice and fries certainly helped fill us up more quickly than we wanted to be.

A rare photo of the author in his natural habitat after a heavy meal.  I definitely recommend Wingers Unlimited to anyone who loves chicken and especially chicken wings.  Pay them a visit and eat your fill because you'll be happily in a food coma induced by the delicious food as my friends and I were.

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