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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Global Police in Pursuit - LupinRanger VS PatRanger Episode 2 Review

Previously on LVSP, the phantom thieves were in a shock as they saw the members of the GSPO Tactical Unit transform into PatRangers using the VS Changers, the very same ones that they use to transform into LupinRangers.

The second episode aired last Sunday and here I am again today to write up a review. Unlike last time, this post won't be as long since there will be changes to the format I'll be writing. So instead of having an episode run-through, I'll only be doing episode highlights. Instead of almost spilling out the entire episode, I'll just pick the ones I think are very important. Without further ado, down below is my episode review.

A word of warning, if you haven't seen this week's episode of LVSP, I suggest you stop reading further and watch the episode first as it will contain spoilers of the episode.

Episode Highlights

Three-way Battle

As the newly transformed PatRangers interferes, a three-way battle along Garatt Nargo and the LupinRangers ensues. Touma, LupinBlue, questions why the PatRangers have acquired pieces of the Lupin Collection. Tsukasa, PatRan #3, asks Touma back as where the LupinRangers got their hands into the VS Changers, which she referred to as "dangerous technology". Garatt, looking all confused, asks what's going on around him.

The rumble continues and at some point, Keiichirou, PatRan #1, was about to kill Garatt but Kairi, LupinRed, stops him from doing so telling him that they can't have him beaten yet. Seeing the two reds argue, Garatt makes his escape.

Opening Theme

This week, we finally have a proper opening theme sequence. You'll have to watch the episode to see it because it's quite hard to narrate the opening. Despite having this cool opening theme, LVSP won't be having an ending theme.

The Classic Epic Chase

A major highlight of this episode is the classic "cops and robbers" chase. When the LupinRangers were about to flee the scene using their Dial Fighters, the PatRangers couldn't just leave them be, so they also summoned their Trigger Machines to go after them.

At first, the chase was messed up because their vehicles were all over the place, but later on, they went on separate ways, distributing towards a 1-vs-1 chase; PatRan #1 chasing LupinRed, PatRan #2 chasing LupinYellow, and PatRan #3 chasing LupinBlue.

Each of them was able to show off the abilities of their respective vehicles to chase off one another, but in the end, the LupinRangers, having the flight advantage, successfully flees from the PatRangers.

How They Became Phantom Thieves

Another major highlight of this episode is the flashback of how Kairi, Touma, and Umika came to be the LupinRangers. Kairi had an argument with his older brother about something but ending up brushing him off. However, he heard a light scream from where his brother was, and upon checking back, he saw him frozen solid surrounded by red rose petals. What broke his heart was when he saw the block of ice shattered in front of him.

As nighttime fell upon him, the mysterious butler, Kogure, approaches Kairi and tells him there is a way to make his wish come true. In this case, bringing back his older brother. The butler then hands him a VS Changer along with the Red Dial Fighter.

Touma, on the other hand, suffers the same fate as Kairi. However, the person involved was his fiance, Aya, who seems to be waiting for him at a public place. When Kogure approaches him, he tells him about retrieving the Lupin Collection and hands him a VS Changer with the Blue Dial Fighter.

The cheerful Umika also suffers the same fate as her two companions where she lost her best friend, Shiho. Kogure also hands her a VS Changer and the Yellow Dial Fighter and lets her know that his master can grant a wish using the powers of the Lupin Collection, emphasizing on bringing back someone who died.

By assembling the three of them, Kogure forms the Kaitou Sentai LupinRanger, whose goal is to retrieve the artifacts of the Lupin Collection. The three, however, are in it to save their loved ones. This was where their promise was based on.

PatRanger's Transformation Sequence

Just as the LupinRangers had a proper visual of their transformation last week, in this week's episode, we are shown the proper visuals for the transformation sequence of the PatRangers.

Each PatRanger starts their transformation by sliding in their assigned Trigger Machines into their VS Changers, making it announce their respective numbers. Unlike the LupinRangers, they don't have any dials to turn around, so they immediately twist the barrel of the changer so that their Trigger Machines are positioned on the bottom and then pull the trigger to commence the transformation.

Good Striker and PatRan Union 

After the LupinRangers were able to retrieve the artifact from Garatt Nargo's vault, they flee the scene and told the PatRangers to finish what they've started. The PatRangers starts beating up the Pordermen and eventually got into fighting against Garatt. Just when they were about to finish him off, Sakuya, PatRan #2, suggests Keiichirou to use another item included among Hilltop's "toys" along their VS Changers, the Good Striker.

As Keiichirou loads up the Good Striker into his VS Changer, the three of them undergo a union where all three PatRangers combine into one, called PatRan Union. This form is somehow necessary to perform the finisher from the Good Striker. When they successfully defeated Garatt, they shriek in disgust after discovering that their bodies are combined.

Goche's Duty for the Fallen

Just like any other Super Sentai series, after the monster of the week gets defeated for the first time, they revive into a larger being after getting a little help from something or someone. In LVSP's case, one of the Gangler generals, Goche Ru Medou, performs the task of giving the second life to the fallen Gangler monsters using one of the artifacts of the Lupin collection.

LupinKaiser Debut

Unable to do anything after the PatRangers' bodies already combined, the LupinRanger proceeds to summon their Dial Fighters to fight the giant Garatt. While the phantom thieves are engaged in an aerial battle, the Good Striker takes off from the PatRangers to aid the LupinRangers in forming the LupinKaiser.

After combining into the LupinKaiser, the LupinRangers were able to fight Garatt equally, eventually leading to defeating him for good.

The Confrontation?

After the heated encounter previously, the episode draws to a close when the PatRangers enter the bistro where the LupinRangers work in the day. Does it look like a confrontation? We'll definitely know in next week's episode of Kaitou Sentai LupinRanger VS Keisatsu Sentai PatRanger!

Character Impressions

The Good Striker is one of the artifacts of the Lupin Collection where his task is to make other artifacts stronger. He was initially given to the PatRangers as a means of performing a finisher, but having a sentient mind, he freely chooses which team to support. This was apparent when he offered his assistance to the LupinRangers in fighting the giant Garatt Nargo.

His voice actor is Mitsuya Yuuji, known for his roles in Anpanman and Akazukin Cha Cha. It's nice to see another mascot-like character that actually has an important role in the story.

This character is most likely a member of the Gangler, but nothing much is known from it aside from being seen around the people who are frozen solid during the flashbacks. It is quite safe to assume that it was one responsible for the incidents and is the primary reason why the LupinRangers were formed.

Final Thoughts

Action Scenes

The camera work in some of the fighting scenes tend to shift from the usual filming cameras to using action cameras. I have had this observation in the previous episode, but it seems to be more apparent in this week's episode. I'm not quite the fan of it, but I have to admit that it does make the action scenes more exciting, as if you're the one doing the fighting.

LupinRangers' Flashbacks

The LupinRangers' back stories are not so impacting, in my opinion. I don't know if it's the story or the execution of the actors' acting skills. Don't get me wrong, having a loved one shatter into pieces after being frozen solid is VERY disheartening and devastating. Anyway, it was rather a short piece of what happened back then, so I'm quite sure that they'll elaborate more on their back stories as we go along.

Dial Fighters, Trigger Machines, and etc.

I'm quite impressed with the CG they did during the chase between the LupinRangers' Dial Fighters and the PatRangers' Trigger Machines. I can definitely imagine the horrors in the budget committee when they did 2-3 minutes of the episode with just the epic chase.

I also loved how they brought back the combined cockpits in this series since this wasn't the case in KyuRanger. The transitions seen in forming the LupinKaiser is also something I missed for quite some time now. Seeing all the mechanisms involved got me excited!

No Ending Theme

Lastly, I can't stress enough that LVSP doesn't have an ending theme. I thought it was just a one-time thing on the first episode, but apparently the series won't really have an ending theme! What a bummer. I think this is another first in the Super Sentai history, but I could be wrong. 

The ending theme plays a big role in the franchise because this is where the kids are encouraged to dance along with the super heroes. But if you think about it, since this series follows a VS format, it could be difficult to pull off a cheerful dancing theme performed by two opposing teams.

That's all for this week's review of LVSP's second episode! See you guys next week!

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