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Monday, October 2, 2017

Cebu Warhammer 40k

Blood for the Blood God!

This hardcore tabletop game has been a mainstay of the local scene for awhile now. Je Kuan talks about how he got into the game and how the local Cebu Warhammer 40,000 community become what it is today. With Rod Osal of Neutral Grounds Cebu being a huge factor on why he started playing the game, Je is now one of the core players in the local scene.  It is so easy to get oneself immersed into the culture and lore due to its highly detailed minifigures and competitive mechanics that draws in strategy game lovers.

Games are held every Sunday at Magus Games Cebu, don't hesitate to drop by if you are a newbie interested in playing or an old player looking for other commanders and warlords to pick a fight with.


  1. How many Warhammer 40 players in Cebu?

    1. check out and join the Facebook group Warhammer Cebu for more info sir