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Monday, October 9, 2017

Acer Techonomy 2017

Adapting Tech to Business

Acer TECHonomy Forum 2017 is a gathering of Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) yesterday at the Cebu City Marriott Hotet, in an attempt to further educate the small and medium businesses on how technology can help these businesses push themselves above their limits.

MIcrosoft Philippines partnered with Acer to makes this forum a reality.

The TECHonomy forum is just one of Acer Philippines’ many efforts to expand its business relationships this year as it stretches its horizons to building bridges and ties with corporate allies. We believe that digital progression has shifted from a luxury to a core necessity. Businesses have a higher risk of running dry without conforming to the transitioning models, and this is what we address through the forum,”-  Manuel Wong, Managing Director, Acer Philippines.

The proper adaptation of technology in enterprises is crucial to the success and future of any business, both private and public sectors. This is the primary takeaways I got from the the event.

We also got to attend a presentation for the Acer Academy and the their product series, Acer Predator, check out the videos below!

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