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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sketchwalk at Cabantan Baragay Luz. by USKCebu

Sketch and Destroy!

Urban Sketchers Cebu organized another sketchwalk, this time at Cabantan, Barangay Luz. The vantage point on the rooftop gave us an awesome 360 degree view of the area that it was pretty hard to choose just one subject to sketch.

Esc, Angelo, Moon, Omar, Aris, Francis, Yancy, Domico, Joshua Vhince, Nech, Ivan, Helmut, Franklin, Inday, and yours truly, attended the sketchwalk. This congregation of young bloods and veterans was a perfect day to share ideas and techniques. If you are interested to join on the next sketchwalk, check out Urban Sketchers Cebu on Facebook and don't hesitate to ask questions. Looking forward to sketch with these talented bunch of people again! Sketch and Destroy!

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