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Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to Pay Your Monthly PAG-IBIG Fund Contribution Online

For freelancers, online workers, self-employed, housewives, OFWs and anyone who are voluntary members of the PAG-IBIG Home Development Mutual Fund, here is a convenient way to pay for your monthly membership contribution via the internet.


Before you can pay online, you must secure your PAG-IBIG Member ID (MID) first and that your membership type is set to “voluntary”. You may visit your nearest PAG-IBIG office for these information.

You would also need a valid and active Visa / MasterCard debit or credit card. PayPal or Bitcoins can’t be used to process your payments.

Access to a computer (or smartphone) and internet.

Important Note: As a basic cyber security measure, it is best to not use public WIFI connections.

Making the payments

1. Visit in your browser and click on the image indicating “Online Payment Facility” under the Other Services section. You may also click on this link directly.

2. On the next screen, a form will be shown. Select your membership category and type in your PAG-IBIG ID number on the appropriate box and click “verify”.

Clicking the verify button should auto-populate the member name field.

3. Next is to input your monthly mandatory savings. The last time I checked with the PAG-IBIG office, the minimum amount is 200 pesos per month for voluntary members however this can be increased if you want to save bigger. 

Please get in touch with the PAG-IBIG office to learn more about this. You may also call the 24/7 hotline number 724-4244 or email

Important Note: There is a convenience fee of 3.6% computed from the mandatory savings you specified. This convenience fee most likely goes to the third-party payment system PAG-IBIG is using. So if your monthly savings is 200, your actual payment will be 200 + 7.20. The same computation applies even if you are paying for multiple months or an entire year.

4. Select the month(s) covered for your payment. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Important Note: There is a system limitation that you cannot make retro payments. This means, if you miss to pay for the previous month, you can’t pay for it using the online payment facility.

5. Fill-in the rest of the information being asked and enter the security code being displayed. Don’t forget also to check the Terms and Conditions agreement. Click “proceed”.

On the next screen, a summary of all the information you inputted will be displayed. Carefully review before proceeding to the next step. When everything looks good, click “submit”.

6. You will be redirected to the third-party website Select your preferred payment option: Visa or MasterCard.

Carefully enter your bank details being asked and continue until you successfully made the payment.

Important Note: A confirmation email or text should be sent to you but as an additional security measure, always save a PDF copy of the payment confirmation for your records.

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